Spencer Pratt Sex Tape Rumors Surface

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In a development that could only happen with people from The Hills, Spencer Pratt finds himself the subject of sex tape rumors involving himself.

A recent National Enquirer story claims that Spencer Pratt is shopping footage of himself and some friends having sex with a bunch of Brazilian women (before he met fiance Heidi Montag) and wants it released. Quietly.

Specifically, Spencer wants to leak the sex tape and say it was stolen. A ruse we would certainly never put past Spencer Pratt. Or Heidi Montag.

Spencer and Heidi Sex Tape in the Works?

Spencer and Heidi: A sex tape on the way?

Alas, Spencer Pratt tells Us Weekly that there is no sex tape: "I was never on camera, and there is no sex tape. However, I did go to Brazil three years ago to film a jujitsu tournament for a documentary."

Somehow, now of this surprises us

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i really enjoy watching the hills- its better than laguna beach with all the bitching and drama!! although i must say, and this could be down to the editing- how much of a dooofus is spence?? i mean he tries to come off all kl and 'dwn' unfortunatley he just ends up looking like some sad wannabe... and can someone please tell me what the hell he does 4 a living i can't ever recall him EVER!!! AND I MEAN EVER BEING AT WORK....LAZY RICH BUM loool


Heidi is a tool and as for spencer well he is a pratt....funny that.elodie should hav hit heidi and lc and kc should b bff yay my dream would b complete x


I like Spencer and Heidi. I do think Lauren should listen to what she has to say. Someone is lying! I'm sure it's someone they know.