Steve Burton Speaks on Jason Morgan, General Hosptial Spoilers

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Warning: The following may contain General Hospital spoilers.

Steve Burton recently took the time to discuss his character's recent interactions and relationships on the show. He talked about how, after his adoptive little sister Emily Quartermaine (Natalia Livingston) was strangled to death, Jason was devastated because he was quite protective of her.

Overflowing with remorse, Jason turns to Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) for comfort, especially after hearing his ex-lover's moving eulogy for his sister.

"He goes to Elizabeth's house because he doesn't know where else to go," Burton explained. "She comes in and sees him. They hug and she leads him upstairs."

As Jason and Elizabeth give in to their emotions and eventually hop into bed, another question emerges: Is Jake safe with his mobster father?

"That's been the sticking point this whole time," the General Hospital star said. "Elizabeth thinks Jake would be safer if Lucky [Greg Vaughan] was the father. The danger is real, something could happen. Especially now with Johnny Zacchara [taking over the mob] and watching what his dad has done. He's a nut job.

Jason says, 'Do I want my kid to be in that kind of life?' He starts thinking about all that."

Though Jason is Jake's biological father, he ponders the fact that police officer Lucky, Jason's legal father, wants everyone to keep thinking he's Jake's dad to protect him. Moreover, given that Lucky has the child's best interest at heart, he can't disagree with that.

"He has to take the emotion out of it, which is hard at this point, because his sister just died. Jason finally said that Jake is his son, and that he loves Elizabeth. The next logical step would be for them to get together. But Jason's business is always in the way," Burton said.

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Jason and Sam were my favorite couple, I quit watching the show when they had liz wanting jason, Liz and Jason have no chemistry at all, she is like his little sister,, and they had no passion, Did Jason really love Liz?? I feel it more with Jason and sam


after watching the promo for the new year and seeing that Sam and Jason were going to get together i got excited. i went on to watch past clips of Jasam and got dissapointed when i realized the clip in the commercial was from a past episode. Jasam had the best chemistry, when she came to the show i hated her becuase i thouhgt she was ruining everything between sonny carley and jason and Courtney. now Jasam are and alwasy will be my favorite couple on the show. when their relationship deteriorated, and jason was getting together with Liz, i almost stopped watching because i was so mad. the only reason i still watch the show is in hopes that Jasam will get back together. they had amazing chemistry, and if they dont get together soon, ill be done watching General Hospital And for all the liz and Jason fans.. Liz had much more chemistry with Lucky




I dont know why liz cant get it through her big head, she is in lust and jason only cares about her because she is the mother of his child, how many times does he have to say the same thing to her over and over and over.. we cant be together.. Liz and Jason fans called Sam pathetic, what is Liz she is more pathetic than Sam ever was, she is thinking with her real good feel good spot, and not withher head, she has lust on the mind and dont even care that if she was seen with Jason she becomes a target, she is a mother wht he kids dont matter just as long as she can bump uglies with Jason, her kids are worth the risk to her. she is terrible person and she is nothng but a manipulating bitch and sneeky as hell, just like today showed who she really was shrew in heat all because Jason had sam in his apartment.. " how does it feel liz?" like so many times Sam had to put up with her many trips to the PH when her and Jason were back together her and jason were engaged, yet this pig wouldnt back down she was determined to get jason one way or another.. she is worthless no good skank...


WoW Jasam IS COMMING!!!!!Liason is dead, Jasam is alive and well.... they will be back together..... even after November Sweeps Jason still works with Sam and this gives them a chance to go back and relive their history, their love.


samfan- please slut stop lying to your self.


Anna-bitch sam is a dirty low down whore , who deserve nothing and all the Jasam fanbase need to shut the fuck up.


I have always loved Liz and Jason and want them together, but I to am tired of the writing. However I never want to see Jasam together again they are the reason I stopped watching the first time and I sure won't watch them again. Surely the PTB have more sense. Put Jason and Liz together.


IMO...if the viewers watched and followed Jasam from the beginning and the touching love story that unfolded before our eyes, they couldn't or wouldn't say that Jason belongs with Elizabeth. Elizabeth was in countless scenes with Jasam, and Jason never even looked at her. We, the fans, know this! We know the love, devotion, commitment, and pure dedication to one another that Jasam had for each other. The writers had to ruin Sam to break up Jasam. They had to think of countless ways for Jason to turn into a different person. He wanted to tell Sam from day one that Jake was his son, and Elizabeth manipulated him and convinced him not to do it. When the possibility that Liz was carrying Jason's child came to be, Jason told Sam that "no matter if I am the father or not, I want you in my life". Sam accepted this. Then the baby turned out to be his, and Elizabeth turned Jason into a liar. THIS is what drove Sam to desperation. She saw and heard with her eyes standing outside of Elizabeth's hospital room that Jason was Jake's father. It drove her to madness...a complete mess. Jason, loving her the way he did, should have seen to it that Sam got help...even if they broke up. For Jason to completely wash his hands of Sam and threaten to kill her was the most unbelievable chain of events I've ever witnessed on any soap. Now look! Jason is like a dead man walking with a son he can't claim and a woman who is keeping her halo in tact. Sad. The only good thing to come out of this is that Lucky and Sam together ignite the screen. Surprise couple....which is exactly what Jasam was. No writer ever planned for Jasam to catch on the way they did, and they certainly didn't expect Lusam to do the same. But they did! To me this screams...SAM CAN MAKE ANY COUPLE WORK. She is dynamite on the screen. She's beautiful, great actress, loads of charisma and sex appeal. She is terrific....AND TPTB KNOW IT!!!!!


I am a bigtime liason fan. They are the reason I watch the show. Jason & Liz belongs together.