Steve Burton Speaks on Jason Morgan, General Hosptial Spoilers

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Warning: The following may contain General Hospital spoilers.

Steve Burton recently took the time to discuss his character's recent interactions and relationships on the show. He talked about how, after his adoptive little sister Emily Quartermaine (Natalia Livingston) was strangled to death, Jason was devastated because he was quite protective of her.

Overflowing with remorse, Jason turns to Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) for comfort, especially after hearing his ex-lover's moving eulogy for his sister.

"He goes to Elizabeth's house because he doesn't know where else to go," Burton explained. "She comes in and sees him. They hug and she leads him upstairs."

As Jason and Elizabeth give in to their emotions and eventually hop into bed, another question emerges: Is Jake safe with his mobster father?

"That's been the sticking point this whole time," the General Hospital star said. "Elizabeth thinks Jake would be safer if Lucky [Greg Vaughan] was the father. The danger is real, something could happen. Especially now with Johnny Zacchara [taking over the mob] and watching what his dad has done. He's a nut job.

Jason says, 'Do I want my kid to be in that kind of life?' He starts thinking about all that."

Though Jason is Jake's biological father, he ponders the fact that police officer Lucky, Jason's legal father, wants everyone to keep thinking he's Jake's dad to protect him. Moreover, given that Lucky has the child's best interest at heart, he can't disagree with that.

"He has to take the emotion out of it, which is hard at this point, because his sister just died. Jason finally said that Jake is his son, and that he loves Elizabeth. The next logical step would be for them to get together. But Jason's business is always in the way," Burton said.

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The only reason I watch the show is for Jason and Elizabeth. The chemistry is impeccable. JASAM was a waste of time and I would always change the channel. The writer need to get Jason and Elizabeth out in the open, let them fight a little, and make up. The passion between them is so real. Oh, it would be nice if they were more aggressive in their love making. More affection would be wonderful.


jason and elizabeth have the best chemistry. the writers should have them together. I have not watched since jason and liz are not with each other. jason and liz make the show.


Liz and Jason had thier chance 10 yrs ago... but they didnt take it.. so im glad Guza has not wrote for them they arent even couple.. I hate Liz and Jason together.. never be noting like Jasam which was the nest pairing SB ever had.


Im hoping this mob storyline will bring Jason and Sam together, Jason finds out Sam is involved in the karpov mob, of course he will go to her and of course he is going to try to help her.. its only right. They dont hate each other. But this is guza's way of getting sam back to jason... Im sure it is...


How can you say liason has great chemistry??? they had a one night stand and she got a bump!!! sorry there has been NO liz and jason.


I fell in love with Jason and Elizabeth from the very first time I saw them together. Rebecca Herbst brings out the best in any actor with whom she has scenes, and she and Steve Burton have great chemistry. I and all of my college roommates keep looking for Liason scenes, but all we have seen lately is the "Claudia Show." We are about ready to give up on General Hospital.


omg i really want sam and jason to get back together because he doesnt have anybody to talk 2 except carl and that cow dont think about anybody but herself and her feelings she dont give a damn about jason i wish jasam would reunite cause lucky will always choose liz over sam and i hope that they will let the to be friends oh and another thing i dont kno why the have jason playing souch an dumb ass he told liz it would be gud to keep jake away from him he thinks it will keep him safe wel i dont think so...same with sonny and carly she took the kids away from sonny but i dont see how that helps anything everybody in pc knows that those are his kids anyway and carly still hangs around wit jason......duhhhh


I dont dislike liz i just dont like her with jason.
its like they are so uncomfortable with each other. i love lucky and sam they suit each other but nothing like jasam. the writers wrecked a perfect couple and i wish they find a way to bring them back together again and keep them that way. no other tv couple comes close to what jasam had.


I really believe that Sam & Jason are better for each other. I hate Lize and Jason. For one reason, face it guys, Elizabeth is a manipulator to the "T". Remember when Jason and Courtney's romance had just begun? She did everything to keep them apart, always in to confrontations with Courtney. Elizabeth has always been after Jason at what ever cost. She has no respect for other people's property (Thier MEN!!!) never have. She knew that Jason was in a relationship with Sam from the word go. Yeah! Sam did some wild stuff, but what bothers me is that everyone seems to be forgetting the things that Elizabeth has done in the past. Elizabeth had no business sleeping with Jason in the first place, no matter what Lucky had done. You know why? Because she was a married woman (remember we are not talking about Lucky). She has this fake halo and every one act like its the real thing NOT!!!!!!. So all of port charles it this thing doesn't work out with Jason watch your man, Liz will be on the take for a daddy for her boys.


Im in the uk and have been watching GH on youtube. im now in love with jason. iv'e watched both sam and liz scenes with jason i like liz and i like sam with jason. but defiantly sam and jasons scenes are 100% the better couple.