An Expert Prescribes Remedies For Grey's Characters

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With Grey's Anatomy characters struggling with various issues these days, what remedies would work best? To help answer that question thought, we'd thought we'd ask a local professional and avid Grey's Anatomy fan! Yes, it's a slow news week!

Campbell Phelps, MSW, LCSW, possesses a Masters in Social Work and a certification in Urban Leadership. She has a clinical background in treating co-occurring disorders, mood and anxiety disorders, and severe persistent mental illness. Campbell is also on the inpatient Psychiatric Consultation Liaison Service at a prominent hospital int he Northeast.

We could continue Campbell's professional bio for another three paragraphs, but you trust she's an expert by now, right? And, as with one of our previous medical experts, we're intimidated by her credentials. Alright, let's get to our interview ...

Grey's Anatomy Insider: What medications would you prescribe for various characters? Name the medication, character and reason for recommending it.

CP: Unfortunately I cannot prescribe any medications but if I could... I would get an emergency psychiatric evaluation on Meredith Grey. She probably suffers from a personality or psychotic disorder with how often she talks to herself! She would benefit from Thorazine - usually prescribed for people with severe disruptions in thought and perception. Maybe we could get her to stop twitching her lips a bit too....

Contemplative Mer

Even Meredith Grey herself would admit she needs help!

Dr. Alex Karev is just too darn angry... he needs something for his poor impulse control, whether it be sexual or aggressive. He needs to stop just wanting to have sex with everyone without a commitment. Recommend Seroquel, to help stabilize his mood.

Cristina Yang... she needs valium or some other type of muscle relaxant. She is way too up tight and needs to chill out or else she may seriously (there IT IS) crack.

And lastly... poor little Lexie Grey. She should probably just borrow some of her sister's medications, as psychotic disorders are usually hereditary.

The rest of the bunch are fairly normal ...

Grey's Anatomy Insider: How often do you and your co-workers say the word "seriously" on a daily basis?

CP: We seriously say seriously all the time. Seriously. No, I'm dead serious (this is another common phrase).

Grey's Anatomy Insider: What celebrity should make a guest appearance on Grey's?

CP: So I took a poll on this one. Most votes went to Brad Pitt or George Clooney. Although one vote was for Colin Firth (random?). We think Brad would just jell with the rest of the cast and possibly give them a reality check. Plus we are hoping that he will get it on with Izzie or Miranda.

Grey's Anatomy Insider: You're also a fan of MTV's The Hills. So we gotta ask: Are you on Team Heidi or Team Lauren?

CP: Team Lauren all the way! Are there even people on Heidi's team?

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Oh my goodness. Come on people, Campbell was clearly trying to be funny. I don't think this article was meant to be at all taken seriously.


Meredith is whiny and self-absorbed. That may be realistic to some, but it doesn't make for an entertaining main character. She actually made that woman feel guilty minutes AFTER HER HUSBAND DIED last episode. Meredith is as selfish a character as has ever existed on TV. Feel free to defend he as being "real," as Shonda does, but that doesn't make her someone I want to root for.
Way to be honest, Campbell. I respect your opinion a lot more than people who simply watch TV, have no medical background and get offended b/c their lives are so empty they get so attached to a fictional human being.


verry interesting.
I see in ze various shtipid responses ditinct evidence for self hatred, lack of humor, und perverted rlelationships.clighten upambell phelps obviously sees through the superficial und realises taht this is simply vun shtupid poorly written soap opera.
solighten up, dumbkofs.




They are all crazy all of them need help


Wow. you are all thinking way too much about this. this article is just for fun, so you dont have to go dissing this poor guy.


You all are acting incredibly childish. If you can't see that Meredith Grey and the rest of the group have problems, you should be evaluated yourself. And as for judging someone who probably knows more about what she's talking about than you do, that's just idiotic. Why would you even bother? It's like a knocked up hill billy teenager getting in an argument with a Chemistry teacher about science. You all greatly disappoint me .


geez from a medical perspective (i'm in my final year of training) i am seriously worried for any patients being treated by this person!
there is a damb good reason why he/she??? isn't allowed to prescribe meds, and their reasoning for what they would give the grey's characters is excellent proof of that! seroquel isn't a mood stabiliser, valium does heaps more than just relax muscles - there are loads of other, potentially dangerous effects, and thorazine is just one of many anti-psychotics,,, i would like to hear the rrationale behind this choice! all i can say is DAMN WHAT A TOOL!


wow. this campbell person is retarded.


Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If anyone has a personality or psychotic disorder is Izzie, not Meredith. I wonder if she actually got them mixed up? LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, Meredith is very involved in her own life, but she has major issues. I don't like her that much, but whatever to that. Izzie is the one always screaming "me, me, me!"


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