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Ok first of all, Cristina is completly normal, she is not even that uptight. She just really likes being a surgeon and cares alot about her job. That does not mean she is uptight.

Meredith...i think she has issues but i don't think this cambell person got the right ones. Especially since meredith does not talk to herself and I took AP Psych this year and I'm pretty sure that she does not have a personality disorder. She might have anxiety, but I'm just a high school senior so who knows?

Lexie? Are you kidding? There is nothing wrong with Lexie...she's just a little annoying that's all.

Alex is just a jerk, that's all. Just a jerk who likes to have sex.

Of course, I have no background in psychology other than my semester of AP Psychology, so I will admit that I am probably wrong.


HE or SHE, she is a moron anyway.


Campbell is a SHE


Campbell Phelps is a moron. He should give his salary to poor people. I'm tired to read these stupid comments about Meredith Grey. This man (he is a man??!!) should watch Grey's Anatomy. Meredith knows about her issues and she tryes to resolve them.

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