Breaking All My Children News: Sabine Singh Out, Rebecca Budig In

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Soap Opera Weekly is reporting that two-time Daytime Emmy nominee Rebecca Budig is returning to the role of Greenlee on All My Children.

She'll be taking the place of Sabine Singh.

Budig originated the role in 1999. She left All My Children in 2005 in order to pursue other interests. Guiding Light fans are also familiar with the actress during her time as Michelle Bauer on Guiding Light.

Singh, meanwhile, joined All My Children earlier this year and never caught on with fans.

Rebecca Budig Still

The return of Budig is consistent with the show's new approach of brining back fan favorites. As previously reported, Darnell Williams and Debbi Morgan are returning to the series, as well.

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I have been an AMC fan for 17 years. I am very upset at how Sabine was treated. I actually liked her from day one as Greenlee. I think she did a fabulous job! She acted the part as it was given to her, good Greenlee or bad Greenlee. Why AMC is treating Rebecca as a God is beyond me! She left AMC and the fans because she thought she could find bigger and better roles! I agree with the previous post that this phrase "The Real Greenlee Returns" is pathetic, a HUGE insult to Sabine and all the hard work she has done for AMC. AMC will get their's though when Rebecca decides to up and leave again. Another soap will be lucky to pick up Sabine and I will follow her!


I have been an AMC fan for most of my life. I was not happy when the new Greenlee appeared, but she grew on me. I think she is a wonderful actress and wish her well in future roles. I will miss her. I am also a huge fan of Rebecca and have to say her return is bitter sweet. I am glad she is returning, but I wish it wasn't at the expense of another great actress.


I appreciate a good cat fight - I was exhausted by the old Greenlee's antics. I really enjoy the depth and sensitivity Sabine brought this role. Sabine has earned our respect as an actress. She gave Greenlee a sweet yet humorous side. LOVED her tough, biker chic role she played. Best of luck to Sabine that she will find a show that appreciates her.


I started watching AMC at the time when Sabine started playing Greenlee. i also think that she made did a GREAt job. I will miss her very much as Greenlee. I really do not think i will watch AMC very
often now.


Sorry, there is only one GREENLEE and she is on her way back to town. Come on home Rebecca. Sabina (or whatever her name is) sucks so bad in this role. She is to "nice" to play Greenlee. However I do think she is a good actress, and I think they should create a new role for on the show to make up for letting go. Julia needs some friends from when she was on the run. Maybe they could do that.


It is just horrible how AMC handled this. Everyone I know Loved Sabine as the new Greenlee and she filled Rebecca's shoes just fine. Rebecca was good in her time but thats the past and Sabine was definitely the future and doing great. She will be missed more than she knows! I'm so mad that they did that to her I might not even watch it anymore!!!!!!


Yes, it's a shame about Sabine. And I'm very offended by the commercials that refer to Rebecca Budig as THE REAL GREENLEE. What moron at ABC/Disney dreamed up that catchy little phrase? The ads are an insult to Sabine Singh, who worked so hard to breathe new life into this character. Sabine threw herself into that role, heart and soul. And she did the best she could with the uneven, often inferior scripts that she was given to play. When Greenlee was first brought back to town, the writers chose to reintroduce her as an embittered, whiny mess! That was bad writing, NOT bad acting on Sabine's part. And once Sabine grew into the role, she gave Greens an added depth and sensitivity. Not to mention her phenomenal chemistry with co-star Aiden Turner, which was quickly winning over the fans. So no, Rebecca Budig is not the REAL GREENLEE. The REAL GREENLEE is whoever happens to be playing her at the moment. Rebecca played her well in the past and, no doubt, will do a good job in reprising the role. But hey, Sabine Singh played her well, too, and Sabine deserved much better treatment than she got from AMC. According to the SOD article, there was a CLOSED SET on Sabine's last day of work. Presumably so as to isolate the actress from her cast mates, who were all very fond of her and very upset over the way she had been "dismissed." Alicia Minshew (Kendall) made the comment that "it should have been handled differently." And God knows, that's true.


i am really sorry to see sabine let go from the greenlee role. i know it is because rebecca is a favorite (but she left to seek bigger and better roles and came back to amc because there was nothing for her out there). i guess there really is no loyalty for the newer people. if you see this sabine, i think you are a great greenlee--i hated you when you were so rude to everyone in pine valley and now i love you as the new, improved greenlee.


That is a bunch of'm sorry but that was messed up firing an actress just because another one wants her job back...reminds me of the whole marth/kirsten (Belle Black) on days


I have been watching AMC for well..years and years. The past year or two has been horrible but Sabine brought back new life back to the show and the role of Greenlee. RB-go back to whatever you were doing before. Don't steal this job away from Sabine-she brought this role to life-you just played it.

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