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Karev.. I will NOT sleep with you


"The Nazi, and Evil Spawn in the on-call room; we'd be raising hell...literally!"


Alex: "I thought I paid you $20 to look the other way so Ava could watch surgeries from the gallery- NOW I'm busted and the chief is NOT happy and Ava dumped me! I want my $20 back!"
Bailey: " I used that $20 to get cappucino for Sloan to get him off my back- now get lost before I report you for something else!"


Bailey: "Go ahead- keep holding your breath- you ain't gonna get that special surgery. In fact, you'll pass out, you fool! You so stupid!"
Alex: (thoughts) Crap, she's right. I'm getting dizzier by the second but I'll be damned if I'm gonna pass out so those wimps can get that surgery.....


Alex: No matter how many episodes of "nip tuck" i have watched, i still screwed up in Sloan's surgery. Should i go with "House"?
Bailey: He's too soft if you ask me. Medical shows are ridiculous..!


Karev: I wish you a Merry Christmas, I wish you a Merry Christmas, I wish you a Merry Christmas... AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Bailey: Who sings that song?

Karev: I don't know...

Bailey: Let them sing it.


Bailey: For the last time Karev, i know you didn't cut the L-Vad wire. You've made it clear; you didn't do anything, you're totally innocent!


Alex: "Hahahahaha, Hellraiser is back."

Bailey: "Yeah, and I'm Mary Freakin' Poppins. "


Bailey: "Karev, I do not want to hear about George and Izzie."

Karev: "I can't take it anymore, either."

Bailey: "Then why you starin' me down like that?"


karev: I'm not an intern anymore- I have more to say now!

bailey: more than me? somehow I doubt that...

karev: you wanna scare me?

bailey: No! Do you know what I want right now? Roght now I want a big ice cream. I want strawberry ice cream. and I want silence and I wanna go home to my family. And I also want this hospital to work. And so I need the new "not-interns" to go and work! Right now I'm pissed, and that doesn't get any better because you tell me that you have more to say now!

karev: aha...I don't care. So I walk away now...

bailey: NO! You gonna buy me a big ice cream...strawberry...

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