Heroes Caption Contest XVIII

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Despite the writers' strike - and subsequent lack of any news episodes - we still got a solid turn out for this edition of the Heroes Caption Contest.

It's greatly appreciated.

We now present the winner of this week's contest, a user who goes by the unusual name of "Sylar_is_defined_in_a_sweater." A certain season one character would be glad she hasn't been forgotten about after reading this fan's response.

Scroll down to read it, and the other entries, now. Then, don't forget to come back and play every week!


Peter: If you see Simone, tell her I said hi.

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Nathan: Hiro yelling "FLYING MAHN!!" always knocks me over...


Peter: Sorry! Can you say your last words again? I need to write them down.


Peter: Nathan, after you die, can I please have my action figure back?


Oh, wait, there... Got it!
Nathan, you have to stop craming raisins up your nose.
Mother would not be pleased...


Peter: Nathan. You can't die. Not yet. Please!
Tell me how you got such a smooth close shave. Nathan: Is that all you can think of? I'm dyin' here Pete. Peter: You're dying? I thought you were taking a nap! Nathan: With this bright light in my face?
Are you kidding?


Peter: Nathan now is not the time to be practising for Dirty Dancing. Nathan: But this is my dying wish!!!


Nathan: i see the light........
Peter: no! the light is bad, stay away from the light!


Milo Ventimiglia shines in his new role as God.


Pater(thinking) so this is what happens when you kiss your brother!!


Peter: So THIS is the fluorescent teeth-whitening technique they've all been talking about!


Heroes Quotes

Ando: And why is everyone always chasing us?
Hiro: Because I'm special.
Ando: Well, I'm not special
Ando: And I'm tired of getting chased.

My power is understanding people like you. That's what I do.


Heroes Music

  Song Artist
Song Road to Joy Bright Eyes
Song Mustang Sally Wilson Pickett
Song I Want It That Way Backstreet Boys