Kathy Brier: Loving Life on One Life to Live

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You'll never hear Kathy Brier complain about her hectic work schedule, and story line, on One Life to Live. The actress recently said as much to Soap Opera Weekly:

Soap Opera Weekly: Do you think Marcie ever takes a breath and says to herself, "Boy, did this get out of hand..."
Kathy Brier: No. She's not thinking logically. She's thinking emotionally. She's thinking very much as if she's a mother lion protecting her cub. Everything goes out the window in terms of what's right and what's wrong. Everything she does is right in her mind because it's all to protect Tommy.

She recognizes what her losses have been — she lost her husband, she lost her job. But she doesn't recognize how it's affected everyone else around her and how it potentially could affect Tommy.

Kathy Brier on the Set

Kathy Brier gets ready for a scene on One Life to Live.

Weekly: Your scenes have been so intense. Do they wipe you out?
Brier: Yes! I'm so exhausted from them, frankly. And what was tough about them was that we filmed a majority of them over three days — and most of the days were 12-16 hours long. I wished it was more spread out. It was exhausting. When I came in on Dec. 14 I was so spent. The day was taxing, but I went with it. Chris Stack said:

"I think it's the way Marcie is supposed to feel. Just go with it," and that's what I tried to do. [The crew] know you have really hard material, they won't rush you. They know it's important.

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