Kathy Brier Welcomes Chris Stack to One Life to Live

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Kathy Brier has been as diplomatic as possible about the Nathaniel Marston situation.

The actress knows One Life to Live producers had no choice but to let her longtime co-star go, as she recently wished Marston well and welcomed Chris Stack to the series:

“Obviously, it’s upsetting because Nathaniel was my partner for almost five years, so it is going to be a difficult transition, but I think that the character is in good hands with Chris.”

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What they need to do is get rid of Kathy! Marcie has become the most annoying characted EVER since she took off with Tommy! She's constantly freaking out and yelling at the top of her lungs in front of that poor baby. I have to walk away whenever she's on! Give Tommy to Todd and get rid of Marcie and her hysterics!


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