Lauren Stamile Excited For Grey's Anatomy Story Line

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Newcomer Lauren Stamile, who joined Grey's Anatomy on November 15 as feisty nurse Rose, will stick around for at least four more episodes to play Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd's new love interest, Entertainment Weekly reports.

Lauren Stamile was cast in September and, as expected, was over the moon about the possibility of acting with Patrick Dempsey, albeit slightly shocked.

Lauren Stamile Picture

Lauren Stamile is excited - and nervous - about her role on Grey's.

"It was like, are you kidding me? I'm kind of geeky. I hope people aren't disappointed," said Stamile, 31, a native of Oklahoma and graduate of Northwestern.

It's unclear when Lauren Stamile's fourth episode will air; it's also the last remaining original episode of Grey's Anatomy that ABC had in production before creator Shonda Rhimes and her team of writers joined the picket line November 4.

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Hey you guys its not REAL. By the way Lauren is sexy!


C'mon Meredith is done with him, We need to see him with Rose. Up close and personal. What a gorgeous,younger woman for him.They are not letting her let it all hangout. They would be sizling together.
She is stunning


if derek really loved meredith, he would never even tried to kiss that stupid rose. gross


ROSE SUCKS I HATE HER!!!!!!!! MERDER broke up becuz of her!!!!!!!!!!


It's about time there was a FEMALE McHottie! And what a hottie she is. I am hoping that she becomes a permanent cast member. Rose has filled the void that existed when Addison left.


Go away you melter I live for the MerDer thing. Rose go AWAY. We want Mc Dark and Twisty and Mc Dreamy to be in a Mc Relationship. That has to be the way =]


OMG, I watched tonight in horror as Derrick kissed Rose. I can not believe that after all the ground work Meredith has done, that Derrick would stoop to such levels & kiss Rose. PLEASE make her go away. I Love Grey's Anatomy and I am a HUGE fan of the Mer/Der set up. However, I will quit watching if they make Derrick cheat or leave Meredith, that girl needs love and stability...PERIOD... She can't have him leave her, it would destroy her an RUIN the show. Save this season and stop making our favorite characters do STUPID things....... Thank You, A VERY Loyal Fan,.... at least until Derrick cheats on Meredith


The writers can try and team Derek with anyone else they want, but his heart will always belong with Meredith. He will always compare any gal he dates to her. She is his true love. Period.


Rose was signed for 7 epis not 4.
you are so right, the rose character is poorly written and forced. Plus there is no chemistry what so ever btw those two. The fact that derek will even kiss her is just insulting on so many different levels. There are a thousands ways to repair a r/ship without necessarily introducing another love interest for derek.
Shonda is just loosing it big time. I mean doesnt she have any advisers or something?


i kind of like lauren stamile...and i like it that she will give the merder relationship a challenge! i guess her true purpose is to make merder stronger...what if she'll end up with mcsteamy instead? i think that will be great!


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