Lucky Lively: Blake Talks Fashion, Style

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Gossip Girl star Blake Lively, who relocated to New York from her native L.A. last summer to play Serena van der Woodsen, is featured in the new issue of Lucky Magazine. Here's what the 20-year-old had to say...

On her fashion icons: "My style has been totally influenced by Audrey Hepburn and Kate Moss equally — they're such fashion icons. But Sienna Miller's young, urban style is also totally what I'm going for."

On her expanding, changing closet: "I grew up in Southern California, so the whole concept of winter is this entirely new, exciting thing for me — I've already justified buying seven coats!"

Lucky Cover Girl

Blake Lively on the new cover of Lucky Magazine.

On how Gossip Girl fashion influences her: "Growing up, I was constantly borrowing clothes from my older sisters, or I'd pick out something from Urban Outfitters and my mom would tailor it to my size — I don't think I ever dressed like a kid. Now that I'm on Gossip Girl, the wardrobe is so amazing and inspiring, it's opened a whole new style gateway for me!"

On keeping her look mature: "I'm having so much fun, but I'm trying to keep my head together too, style-wise. There are so many young women out there dressing like young girls; I want to be more ladylike and classic."

On what she'd do if she weren't acting: "I would love to open my own interior decorating business. I grew up reading Martha Stewart and William Sonoma catalogs, I was never interested in things like Teen Beat."

On her leading musical inspirations: "My favorite music is Ray Charles for when I want to feel mellow, and Britney Spears or Justin Timberlake when I want something more funky."

A Blake Lively Pic

Fans agree that Blake Lively is both lovely and Lucky.

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I love Blakes fashion. Its a bit preppy, but not over the stop and still maintaing high fashion. I love it.


blake lively is by far my fav actress. soo talented, she is soo pretty and has the cutest dog lol :). her character serena is such an awsumm chikky!.
sooo pretty blakee
luvv youhhhh xx


OMG!! i lovee gossip girl soo muchhh but blake is my favv actress EVA!! shes so pretty and a great role model. (also wears the best clothes) go chanel lol LOVV YOUHHH BLAKE ♥♥♥


I really love Gossip Girl!!! My favourite character is Serena, Blake Lively is really fantastic and she acts very good. I buy the first season and i can't wait for the second.
The books aare amazing but with the show we have an image of the characters. Blake Lively is my style icon and i love her hair, long and always beautiful!!


thats for sure, brother


OMG Blake... I LOVE YOUR SHOW! You are such A GREAT role model for me, your amazing!


i wourder when is the next session starts


I love Gossipgirl is The BEST
and I Love Blake Lively!!!! she (it) is fantastic actress :* for all :P:P Greetings for fans of gossips and fans Blake Lively! Bay :P


I love blake! and leghtion they rock!


Omg Blake... I LOVE YOUR SHOW! You are such role model for both me and my little sister. You keep doing what your doing, your amazing!


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