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Thanks to the WGA strike, we have run out of episodes of all our favorite shows, Grey's Anatomy among them. Grey's Anatomy only has one new episode (episode 11) left, which as we've talked about at length, will air on January 10.

When we last left the staff of Seattle Grace, Lexie Grey was unable to save Nick (Seth Green), a patient who she had just started to make a connection with. Miranda Bailey's husband got sick of waiting for her to make time for him and their son.

Derek kissed Rose, and Meredith told him that she doesn't want him seeing anyone else, unaware of what has happened with Rose of course. Alex and Ava hooked up - after he got suspended for sneaking her into his surgery (and told her about Lexie) After work, Meredith, Lexie and Cristina bonded, dancing away their worries.

Alex and Ava

Many of you have likely already heard or read some of the spoilers coming our way for episode 11. But we've uncovered a little more information about the potential season finale. Follow the jump for what we know about what happens next ...

In episode 11, entitled "Lay Your Hands On Me," Bailey is floored when her son, little Tucker, Jr., is rushed to the emergency room at Seattle Grace.

Debra Monk returns as Louise O'Malley, George's mom, and shocks both Izzie and Callie by the end. A faith healer who refuses surgery causes Dr. Hahn and Alex to question their beliefs in traditional medicine. Derek will have to man up and face Meredith and Rose, both of whom want to have a relationship with him.

TV Guide's Michael Ausiello has more dirt on the upcoming Grey's Anatomy episode. Derek goes to Meredith saying that he wants to build them a house.

When Meredith Grey isn't ready to take that step (or any major step with him, for that matter), Derek decides to give his relationship with Rose a try. The return of George's mom will result in one of several cliffhangers on the show, as well.

A source close to the show reports to TV Guide that the developments are major: "they're pretty big bombshells. Basically, everyone's future is left up in the air."

The show will also change things up a bit when Bailey narrates the episode instead of Meredith. TV Guide says nothing will happen to Dr. Bailey physically, but as far as her emotions go, the Chief Resident is going to go through some hard times.

With what potentially happens to little Tucker, that certainly sounds like a big understatement. Finally, it looks as if we will find out more about where Alex Karev (pictured above, with Ava) is taking his own romantic life.

We'll have to wait and see what happens, but this should give us some good discussion material for now, at least. What do you think about all this?

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go girlfriend! =)


Grey's Fans, I personally think that we should start a petition that if Meredith and Derek break up, we should stop watching the show. Reply with your opinion!! Thanks!! PS- ROSE REALLY HAS TO GO!!


I agree that a cliff hanger for many of the characters would be unfortunate at this time, so soon after the last season finale.
In particular a cliff hanger for Derek and Meredith, coupled with a long passage of time until episodes resume, wont help ratings nor maintain interest in them.
Let's hope Derek and Meredith are allowed to move forward.


OK. what the heck! derek is making me angry!! he. needs. to. be. with. meredith. argh, stupid rose!!! argharghargh. i. hate. rose. why cant they give derek and meredith a chance. they were happy for like 5 episodes in the 3rd season. argharghargh. ARGH. DEREK AND MEREDITH BELONG TOGERTHER. TO-GE- THER! i hate rose and hope she dies a long and painful death.


Derek and "McPlotDevice" has gone over with both laughter at the contrived badly written plot line of it all, and a over all feeling of apathy. Do you think Shonda Rhimes cares? No, I seriously doubt it. The creator and writers who have over bloated this cast to the point of not seeing any in depth story lines from some of the major characters on this show insists on adding more unneeded (and in this case) rating ploy characters rather just focus on the large cast they have already. And Rhimes is stubborn. The more she's told it doesn't work, the more she seems to want to drive it in to the ground. This is the reason that the reruns are averaging 5-6 million viewers and ABC who used to rely on Grey's reruns in the past, will now put LOST in for new episodes rather than remind fans of how badly this show has failed us again 11 episodes in. Wish Grey's would lose "McPlotDevice" The addition of her makes Derek's character look worse and worse weekly (and Rhimes cannot make podcast excuses for his behavior now...must be hard) and work on the characters she has. If Mer/Der are not fixed almost immediately when the show returns, I'm almost certain that the apathy will carry. No longer water cooler talk, this show can scarcely afford the gimmicks anymore and needs to get back to the quality that made us love the show to begin with. The real question is, will Shonda Rhimes & Company lose their massive ego's and finally commit to the show they once cared so much for? I'm not feeling so secure on this one. I think leaving the characters relationships back up in the air and primarily unhappy smacks of last seasons ending and can hardly bode well for carrying the excitement for this show potentially nine months when it may start back up again. It's just a repeat of last season and fans largely disliked that. Wondering if they will ever get a clue what they are doing to this once wonderful show.


I just want to say how great his this show.
thanks for the emotions that you gave to us, fans of grey's.
It's look like a great and amazing episode that we gone see in january 10th.
I just can't wait to see MerDer becoming finally a real couple. Please leave them another chance to proove us that love as complicate as it can be , can be also possilbe. That love can be more stonger then the life by herself.
I realy hope the strike get a great end soon for the writers and for all the crew so we can get all the epiosdes intil the end of the season.
Please take this workbreak to think a little bit more about all the caracters and try to find a great finale .
Thanks and long life to grey's


AAAAHHHHH!!!!! Derek CAN'T give a relationship with Rose a try!!! NO!!! I won't allow it!

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Did you say it? 'I love you. I don't ever want to live without you. You changed my life.' Did you say it? Make a plan. Set a goal. Work toward it, but every now and then, look around; Drink it in 'cause this is it. It might all be gone tomorrow."

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