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Consider these the opposite of Heroes spoilers.

While creator Tim Kring has outright apologized for a few mistakes the show made in season two, he's also revealed at times the direction of certain characters/stories that never made it on screen.

Here are a few of the changes that were made to the Heroes' chapter "Generations:"

- Kristen Bell was originally suppose to be in eight episodes... and then killed off. But fan support for the actress has made her into a long-term player on the show.

- Elle was setup as a Bob's step daughter (and probably still is), but she was also planned to be the daughter of Meredith. This, of course, would have made her Claire's sister.

- Stephen Tobolowsky (Bob) was meant to be far more sinister than they've made him. Looking back at his initial appearances on the show, you can tell his evil side has been toned down a bit. It appears as though Kring and company are now molding him more along the morally grey lines of HRG.

What do you think of these changes? Would you have preferred to have seen any remain as they were originally proposed?

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I think that Bob should have been made a little more sinister. Although I have no problem with HRG being "morality grey" to have another character like this will make the plot boring and water-y. There needs to be more devious and evil characters to bring our the "hero" in each of the heroes (if that is what they are meant to be). I think that there is still room for more villans, not wishy-washy characters that dull the story, and more "comming together" of the heroes, and maybe that will be how the world learns of their abilities...


You left out perhaps the largest change. It was revealed during the post show that the vile was originally going to break, and that would be the end of the last episode, insstead of the shooting


I think that making Kristen Bell a regular on the show is a plus - she can go from being a "Baddie" to a "Goody" then back again to complicate everything.
As "Elle" it could still turn out that she is daughter of Meredith and Claire's sister, and once again complications will ensue.
Although Bob started out making fans believe that he was no doubt going to be evil but turned "morally grey", that certainly doesn't mean that he can not turn into a sinister force - there are several moments that one doesn't really know if Bob will go one way or the other. Actullay "Bob" could be "bobbing" back and forth as a sinester presence when "Villians" band together for Chapter 3. But it would be exciting to see a "Villians" vs. "Heroes" vs. The COmpany -YES?


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