No End in Sight For Strike as Writers Dig in

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Eight months ago, Patric M. Verrone, president of the Writers Guild of America West, sketched out what could have been a script for the collision that wrecked talks between Hollywood's producers and striking writers on Friday.

Verrone described the looming negotiations with employers as a confrontation much grander than a fight over pay formulas. This would be about respect.

Writers, he said, were looking to restore a sense of leverage and status that had been lost many years ago as ever-larger corporations began taking control of the entertainment business. He described Hollywood as teetering on the brink of a dark age, as far as creative types were concerned.

"I think if they could do this business without us, they would, and so making our task as mechanical and simple and low-paying and unartistic as possible," Verrone said.

The solution, he added, was to squeeze the corporations that own the studios, in an effort to represent the legion of writers on reality and animated shows that the guild had not organized through sign-up drives.

"There are things we can ask for in bargaining that will allow you to reach up to the mother ship and then back down into the nonunion company," he said.

On Friday night, five weeks into the writers' strike that now promises to drag on well into the new year, seriously complicating plans for this TV season and the next, and opening the door to a tube filled with reality TV shows and other substitutes, it became clear that Verrone & Co. were serious when they talked about a revolution.

Writers' Strike Continues

Advocates of a strike settlement stage their own protest.

After days of haggling over complicated formulas for Internet pay, the latest round of talks blew up over the deeper issues that had until now been buried.

Accusing the guild of pursuing "an ideological mission far removed from the interests of its members," the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers expressed outrage over continuing demands of the writers not strictly related to pay.

These points include requests for jurisdiction over the individuals who write for reality TV shows and animated movies; for oversight of the fair-market value of company transactions that may affect writer pay; and ending a no-strike clause that prevents members from honoring picket lines of other unions once a contract is reached.

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This is most defently about the writers and the lack of respect they are receiving. This is not about the writers being greedy like people think it's just about equal pay for equal work. But it does suck that this strike could go on clear into 2008. I read somewhere(it was probably an article in Entertainment Weekly) that there was once a writer's strike in 1988 that lasted all the way into march/april of the following year. Hopefully history will not be repeating it'self.


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These guys are so egocentric. I mean, they write everything, but then there are so many other people that need their money too, and do you see them striking? NO! Not only that the last 10 episodes grey's were a big disaster, but now they even want more money for it? I am a big fain of grey's, but even so, I think the last episodes were not really worth watching so if they want more money, they should do their best for it and not just do nothing and complain about it.


Another big issue is that studios are also unwilling to pay anything for downloads/internet views- even though a studio gets money from advertisers any time one of us watches a show online. It's ridiculous and greedy! WE WANT OUR SCRIPTED SHOWS! WE DON'T WANT TO WATCH AMERICAN GLADIATOR!!!! Write to any products that you use- most companies have an email box on their websites- and tell them to pull their advertising dollars until the writers are treated fairly!


So how do these people survive and if I am correct they have no income is it really worth it. It will take them years to recover the financial loss. It now affects Europe as well we have re-runs of almost every show. Strikes are never good for a community. Just give them a percentage on the DVD sales it would be just fair. In Belgium they sold S1, S2 and S3 over the last years. Yesterday I saw a box with the 3 seasons in one for 99 Euros can't the industry just share part of the cake with them.


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