Pushing Daisies Spoilers: Chuck's Father is... Alive?!?

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Whenever the writers' strike comes to an end, Kristin from E! Online says fans can look forward to some "fantastic stuff" on Pushing Daisies.

As if we'd expect anything less.

Lonely and Cold

Here's the TV columnist's take on the future of the show. (Mini Pushing Daisies spoiler warning!)

We're going to find out that Chuck's father is still in the picture. Can you hear Ned and Chuck's hearts mending? Yeah, those two are so not done. I'm also told this knowledge of Chuck's mama will put Olive in a verrry interesting predicament, as she has to decide whether or not to tell her. Really fantastic stuff coming up after the strike.

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And by pissed, i mean drunk...completely hammered: So a mate of mine got pissed at work the other day (i work with him) and at the end of the shift i had to drive him home, there was no way i was letting him drive. He wanted to of course. So because a did this he filled the car up with fuel and bought me beer for when i got home...so this is the first time anything good has come from going to work pissed, or getting pissed at work. And he was talkin crap the whole time we were in the car, so it was hilarious, i was having fun. Turns out he had to get up real early in the morning to go to work again. LOL haha, poor bugger! Anyone else got pissed at work? Any stories?


Have you ever been to a themed party where you dressed up accordingly? Every year we have a themed party which includes costumes, food, music, backdrops to match.
Over the years we've had the following themes: China, Under the Sea, Colours, Out of Space, Countries, Black & White, Hawaii, History, Fairy Tales... Can't think of anymore. Anyway they are real fun, seeing what everyone dressed up as and how they interpredted the theme idea.


I think Burger King is the better fast food joint out of the two of these. The burgers taste better, the fries taste better, the have WAY better pies and the only thing McDonalds does better than them is the chicken nuggets.


So my sister is 10 years old, and has been addicted to board games lately. She asks me like 5 times a day to play the game Life with her or Apples To Apples. So it got me this idea to make this thread. I would like to know what is your favorite board/card/dice/etc. game, and what was your favorite board/card/dice/etc. game as a child? My favorite board game is Clue, cause it is not like other board games in my opinion and keeps me entertained. I loved Clue as a kid, and I still do. Other games I enjoy are Uno and Apples To Apples.


I don't have a link to the story. I saw it on our news and read the article in our paper today.
A woman was pregnant with triplets. For some reason (they didn't disclose for privacy purposes), one of them was born (not even by c-section but natural way) at 25 weeks and the doctors were successful in stopping the other two from coming out.
So now the woman is taking care of the preemie and is still pregnant with twins. In this case, are they still called triplets?
Anyone heard a familiar case? Supposedly, this is becoming more common especially for pregnancies due to fertility treatments/methods.


What are your favourite (lyrical) themes in music?
Are there any you don't like?
I generally dislike love-songs.. or these girl power-thingies you see on MTV (but I guess that's normal for a guy).
Of the music I actually listen to I'm not particular fond of the workers ethics in classic rock songs.. you know, about the booze and the relationships that don't really go your way
I also dislike the superficial 'love for everything'-mumbo jumbo in new age music, it's so cheesy..
And the gore and porno-themes in some heavy metal.
Politics are also a real turn-off for me. Either I disagree with the views (and thus feel annoyed) or because it's too down to earth (I prefer fantasy).
My favourite themes are culture & history, mysticism and the occult, fantasy, war, nature, solitude and anger/hatred. Quite the bombastic stuff.


Do you think we'll see the day when LCD monitors are replaced by holographic displays? Screens that literally appear out of thin air in full color? What do you think? Holographic technology is still fairly new but there are scientists out there who believe we've only begun to tap into it. There are also people working on holographic based cloaking devices for use in combat. In 10 years we could be looking back on the technology of today and laughing. Thoughts?


Dude that's awesome ! now Chuck and Ned can be together , I just can't wait to see what's going to happen!!!


i think there must be some way to reverse the 'dead-again' touch of Ned. This would be fantastic, because he could find a way to be with Chuck at last! :)


I think that some of these do make sense
lily is probably Charles Charels's Sister and chuck's real father is still out there I just hope they find him alive and he is not one of the murder victims that they are investigating

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You framed someone for murder, you ass!