Report: Tiffany Pollard is Pregnant

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According to, someone has loved New York without a condom on.

The website is reporting that a trusted source at VH-1 says Tiffany Pollard got pregnant during the filming of I Love New York.

An insider at the show said: "The show tests everyone, the guys and New York, for diseases, pregnancy, everything before and after the show - for insurance and legal purposes... New York was tested a few weeks before the show and she was not pregnant. When she was tested during her exit interview - the test showed that she was."

New York

Wait, there's more!

According to the show insider, Pollard had sex with more than one of the show's contestants. It's shocking, we know. The insider told "I don't want to give anything [in upcoming shows] away, but New York was intimate with more than one man."

We can see it now. Next season, VH-1 presents: Who Knocked Up New York?

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hey peeps. i agree with anybody that has NY's side on this because people do things for love, even unconsciusly. i beleive under all that insecurities and taking control and making messes all the time lies someone who wants a good and prosperous life just like the rest of us. whether she was fake or not on FOL, things happen for a reason and God brings us from one point to another. oh yea and if she slept with sombody its most likely buddah.


well first i think that u fake ass bitch go to hell and yo ass is big and jucy


εïзwell i just wish all these fake biches out of the reality shows i hope shes pregnant and keeps that damn fucking baby from hell and when he or she grows up and ask were the hell is my fucking father she can say well i had sex on a reality show when i was skinny and not fat and unatractive well anyways sweeetie me and your daddy had sex and i had you!!! Well 4 all the real girls in reality bissnuss like PRANCER & BUICKWILD!!! keep doin yals things sweet hearts love yal! Well anyways i hope the daddy is ...................... 20 �αςk or talior made!!!!!★


I will be glad if she was pregnat.


Hello New York I have followed you since flava flav. I like your additude you have know problem telling people what you think.But anyway good luck with your acting career. I wish you all the best.


Everyone is getting all defensive in here. Anyway if New York is pregnant thats her problem. And so is everything else she does. But i doubt she is going to go for that right now. She's actually a smart girl @ least she went to a good college. More than what a lot of people have done. And if she wants to be very sexually active again her consequences. A lot of girls are "closet freaks" she just chooses not to be and is very open with it. And for the racism he shouldn't have even opened his mouth to say the "N" word reguardless of how he ment it knowing people would definately take offense. He wanted reaction and he got it.The truth is YES some minorities get treated unfairly because of race,yes some PEOPLE not just blacks take too much advantage of government help. But because of so many years of slavery and discrimination the blacks were set back financially. The world is not easy to live in and will never be completely un-predjudice.


And I dunno she might be a hoe or a whore, but that hoe got more money than us put together for being one so we can't say shit...lmao


ok i kno im late but to comment to jackita i think i spelled it right, it was WOLF that said he had a big dick! Pretty was the one they thought was hiding something! and to Lady G that double standard does have to end wit females being hoes for doin what a nigga does to us


New York is a whore but I do agree with Rick U bastards need to learn how to read and write


she`s a hoe