Report: Tiffany Pollard is Pregnant

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According to, someone has loved New York without a condom on.

The website is reporting that a trusted source at VH-1 says Tiffany Pollard got pregnant during the filming of I Love New York.

An insider at the show said: "The show tests everyone, the guys and New York, for diseases, pregnancy, everything before and after the show - for insurance and legal purposes... New York was tested a few weeks before the show and she was not pregnant. When she was tested during her exit interview - the test showed that she was."

New York

Wait, there's more!

According to the show insider, Pollard had sex with more than one of the show's contestants. It's shocking, we know. The insider told "I don't want to give anything [in upcoming shows] away, but New York was intimate with more than one man."

We can see it now. Next season, VH-1 presents: Who Knocked Up New York?

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Honestly good for all of you people calling out these idiots on here. I was inspired by all of you and this only the second comment I have ever posted!
NY is a funny bitch! I am sorry I don't care if she is pregnant or if she is faking or the producers are telling her what to say. She is frigin hysterical. If you like mindless entertainment its perfect! Take it for what it is! A lot of people say its not real. I could care less. Lets face it there really is not anything on tv that is "real".
I have to say I am pretty disturbed by these comments. It makes me fear for our nation. Thank you for the people on here who have commented that sound like they have a brain! Though there really aren't that many of you. This site is a testament to the fact that we need to invest more money in our school systems and our children.
Instead of writing here (and I should talk) we should be writing our state senators asking what they can do or what we can do to change our schools.
These comments are extremely depressing.
I am so depressed I am now going to watch NY2 for some mindless entertainment! I LOVE NY YOU KNOW I DO.


Wow, you people need to get a life. If she's pregnant good for her. Let her be, she's no different than anyone else in the world. It's her life and no one else's. If she's not, so be it. Enough with the racism and shit, there's enough out there already and it doesn't need to be shown on a comment about something that may not even be true. And New York, well done. I think you picked the best one!


...also, those of you who defend her, yeah, you're pussies. you're all pathetic. what's wprse than attacking someone you dont know? how about defending one. grow some proverbial balls and call her what she is, a whore.


i'm pretty sure the majority of you are retarded. tiffany pollard is in fact a whore. she is not a strong african american woman-feminist. she is just a whore. she's not meant to be a role model, because she is a whore. and i can judge her, because she is a whore, but above all else, she is a bad actress...who just so happens to be a whore.


new all i got to say is that if your perg. congrtats and i'm looking to see your new season. my dad thinks that the show is dumb but me and my sister love it but girl you got to watch your self


new yorks moms face looks like a ape face . and has a bitchy additude. i cant belive she piked taylor made!




How did it go from New York, to the race card....To the ones that turned it into a race issue. I have a word of advice.......GET OVER YOURSELF...


if new york is pregnant, i'll bet you it is by either chance, tango, or buddha because they're a good fit for her ghetto personality. tailor made is too much of a puppy dog for new york. she needs a man who can go toe-to-toe with her.


You're right Phantom. No one does care. But here's the thing, I'm single and I have no kids and I want to be entertained when I turn on my boob tube. Sooo if you have kids monitor those little bastards and don't let them watch the show. Parents need to be parents and stop expecting the world to raise their kids. It doesn't take a village to raise a child it takes a strong parent. So stop hatin on my show and flip the damn channel.
I LOVE NEW YORK. She a bad one for real. I hope she has this baby and stays with tailormade no matter who the daddy is cause he won't leave her. Shouts out to T-made. Tame that woman boi!!! Oh and one more thing, yall need to get wit the times. Everybody is smashin everybody and soon enough we all gon be one big mixed race. its happening baby. get on the bandwagon. Helllloooo!!!!