Rick Springfield Speaks on Christmas Album

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Rick Springfield took time out of his busy touring schedule to speak with Soap Opera Digest about his new CD, Christmas With You.

General Hospital fans can pick it up on December 18.

Soap Opera Digest: So, let's talk Christmas.
Rick Springfield: This whole thing came about as a way to do something for our troops. There's only one original song on the Christmas CD. It's the title track called "Christmas With You." Derek Hilland wrote it about the perspective of the troops being away from home at Christmas and the music video for it features photos and names of fallen soldiers. The song isn't long enough to put all of them in, but it does feature a lot of our fallen soldiers, men and women.

Digest: Where did the inspiration come from for that?
Springfield: We wanted to do something rather than complain. If I see one more "War isn't the answer" bumper sticker I'm going to drive my car right into the other car. It's not a political statement. It's just in support of the troops, the men and women who gave their lives in service to their country. My dad was a lifer in the army. I grew up on army bases. Derek's dad was in the Air Force and he fought in Vietnam.

I played for the troops in Vietnam in 1968 and 1969, so it's something we felt honest and truthful about. I've been to Bethesda [National Naval Medical Center in Maryland] and talked to some of the guys who just came back from Iraq with serious head wounds. People ought to get out and actually do something other than just f---ing talking. I don't mean to get on my high horse.

This is a little tiny thing that we thought we could do and the proceeds go to the gold star mothers, who are parents who've lost children over in Iraq.

Digest: How would you describe the rest of the tone of the CD?
Springfield: I wanted the stuff to be traditional sounding, but I never liked rock Christmas albums. I like stuff you can put on, light a fire and put up the Christmas tree by. They're all songs that I grew up with and loved.

When people used to write songs back then, they wrote them for the church and for God — and that's basically what these are. These are some of the best pop songs of the day. Some of the music is staggering when you get into it, when you look at the chord structures and the melodies.

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i buy his cd cool songs


I LOVE this CD! The song CWY has to be heard and felt to understand the power of Rick's music and lyrics. Derek and Rick made a good team on it. The fact that it is for a good cause adds to my enjoyment of the whole CD. Rick's charitable works are many, so this is no surprise. Keep up the good work Rick! Some new rocking music soon will be good too.


I think Rick did a fabulous job on this album. Christmas with You is such a beautiful song, as well as the video for it. My other favorites are Three Ships and Deck the Halls. I love the surfer twist.


My husband said Rick did this Christmas
album perfectly. It is exactly what Rick says it is. You can put it on, light the fire and just enjoy the season. His music arrangements and use of instrumentation are rich, but not overly so. The song CWY.......well,
go to www.rickspringfield.com and watch the video. Hear the song.


What a wonderful, touching video and beautiful, touching, mellow, sweet song by Rick. Can't wait to buy the cd as Christmas gifts - it's ideal and for a good cause. Rick Springfield is sure multi talented.


Rick is such an amazing person. He does so much for his fans and now has done so much for our troops and their familis. Christmas with You is such an awesome cd. All of the songs on the cd are songs I grew up with and love. He did a great job on this cd.


Christmas with You is the best Christmas cd I have heard in a long time! And the fact that Rick is doing this for the troops and the families is wonderful!


Rick is so right, I wish everyone would stop complaining about the war, think of the troops, they are there for us, how would you feel if you were in their place and heard what America was saying, who would you feel? And the families that lost a child.
Rick has always been my favorite now this just prooves his the best!!!!


This cd is in stores NOW and it is wonderful! the title song is is great and the rest of it is warm and comfy. I LOVE IT!!!!!!
You can see the video on rickspringfield.com or on youtube.