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Sneak Previews of "Crash Into Me, Part II"

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Rose (Lauren Stamile) took three semesters of computer science at UC-Santa Cruz. Will that be enough to save the day with Derek's brain surgery patient in limbo? Looks like we'll find out. Here's a sneak peak of tonight's "Crash Into Me, Part II."


Follow the jump for another clip from this evening's episode, in which Drs. Grey (older), Stevens and Hahn work to save the patient trapped in the ambulance...


Looks like another exciting episode on the way tonight. As always, you can discuss it, along with everything else Grey's Anatomy, in the Insider's forum!

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I love it when Meredith tells Dr.Hahn bluntly to shut up.


Well, I guess we might as well fasten our seatbelts at this point and get ready for the bumpy ride!
I already feel sick and it isn't even 9:00 yet! (Ha)! Don't like Rose with Derek......and there is NO chemistry with those two! Don't like Derek with anyone but Meredith! We want our Mer/Der back! Hopefully, that is the BIG plan!


Wow its nice to see that mer is standing up for herself.I dont really like Hahn alot.I wish rose would just leave Derik alone.


I agree with you guys. About Meredith. I really like that eventhough she always seems to be a walking wreck, in moments of crisis, she has her wits with her and a cool head. It´s like watching her detach herself from her issues and just do what needs to be done. The shut up comment was great, and Dr. Hahn´s face expression, priceless. She needs to be like this more often, but not only with Derek. I mean, I would shut Izzie up, too. Especially of she starts talking about her bad sex life again. And about the Rose part, I agree, it looks just too improbable to be real. I mean, we have to believe a lot of crap in this kind of show, but come on, a beautiful nurse who just happens to know (or thinks she is able) how to repair a computer with only three semesters in computes sciences, in a party college, in the middle of brain surgery? Come on! With that kind of pressure? I really don´t think so. So I would be greatful to the writers if they could pick something a bit more realistic for her to do, I mean, she is supposed to impress a brain surgeon, that has to make it hard, but make it more believable. She could like hold a bomb in her hands and save an entire hospital, like Meredith. I mean, that is impressive, even to a brain surgeon, right? Derek is a moron.


OMG, can the writers get any worse when it comes to the set-up with Thorny Rose?????? She has such a nasty & unpleasant attitude...can somebody just slap her? Please? If Derek likes her, then he'll get what he deserves. We, the viewing public, though, deserve more. DOWN WITH ROSE & LS!


Rock on Mer! I loved the shut up part. She can finally get Hahn in her place. Now, if she could communicate like that to derek (like in the previews), then maybe they can be together. Also, this Rose thing is making me nautious. Why on earth did she take comp. sci. in college, then be a nurse? Wow. She made a radical change there. However, Lauren Stamile is doing good with what she is getting in the script. Rock on Lauren Stamile, rock off Rose. XD


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i love it that of all people, it's meredith grey who can genuinely, effectively shut dr. hahn up. :) it's refreshing to see meredith finally being ASSERTIVE! ...i only wish she could do the same with derek!


Okay, the Meredith /Hahn Sneak peak rocked, but c'mon..You gotta be kidding me on the "Rose" sneak peak. It was so bad and such a set up it made me cringe..What else does Rose do, fly planes? If Derek gets out to the parking lot and his car wont start, I'm certain she also took mechanics at school and can overhaul his car's engine. Seriously, SERIOUSLY! That was just horrible and I love the "party school" reeference. Okay Grey's Writers and Shonda; I get it, Mer went to a so called "serious" school and Rose went to a so called "party school" SHE'S SOOOO DIFFERENT THAN MER. Nothing against the actress, but three eppys in and her story line is getting worse (as well as the writing) Wow..I love Grey's, but please tell me I'm not missing time I could be spending with the "regular" characters I don't see enough of already for this? It's horrible.