Tiffany Pollard Chooses Tailor Made on I Love New York Season Finale

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On the season finale of I Love New York 2, Tiffany Pollard chose Tailor Made to be her man.

She even accepted a wedding proposal from the contestant everyone loved to hate. Sort of. After Tailor Made proposed, Pollard actually said no - but then added that the couple can get married in 24 months if all goes well.

"It's been a long journey, but it was all worth it," said Tailor Made.  "In the end, I found the girl of my dreams."

She's Tailor Made

What prompted New York's final decision?

"Looking back on it six months later, I loved Tailor Made and I lusted for Buddha," Pollard said. "I think I got caught up on his looks so and certain things he would say and gun picking me up and all of that sort of stuff. I definitely think it was a lust thing. "

What do you think? Did New York make the right choice?

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well whoeva thinks that they wanted buddah to end up being her love, ithink its wrong cuz he dont even match with her, talor made hes real and not that he has money but hes a guy that loves to buy gifts and i think its the best for them both.. cuz buddah argues alot with her.. but its ny decision i screamed my ass off when she picked tailoir made i was happy...


Punk would have been the best choice for NY but financially I guess Tailor Made hit the jackpot. Good luck to them both. I think that Tailor Made is a "yes man" as long as he keeps buying her expensive "material things" she willbe happy - of course she will probably be cheating with Buddah on the side.


Tailor made was probably a good choice, but i think punk would have been a better man for her. Buddha is so full of himself and just wanted fame. Hopefully New York finally finds love. Good luck to them both!


I hate to say this. I beleive Tiffany and tailor made will not last long. she let a good man go. She should have pick punk now that who got hurt at the end. I beleive she pick Tailor made because he can spent morning and buy her nice things. Tiffany not going to find real love as long as her ugly ass mother keep running her life. She don't have a man in her life. I wonder did her husband walk out on her after flavor of love when she disrespect that man like that. She need to stop kissing her mother ass and be a real woman. Its ok to love your mother because she go be her mother...but Tiffany letting her mother control her. I knew Tailor made was a punk when he let her mother slap the shit out of him like a little bitch.


Let's look at it this way, Taylor-Made is Taylor-Paid. He did whatever and everything he needed to win her heart. He was the only one trying to prove to NY that he would go all the way and show her how they would live after the show. Buddha never stepped to the plate to do anything but to emotionally and verabually abuse her. How would you feel if someone told you on national tv that "hell no, i'm not in love with you"? Not only that, but he wouldn't let things go, even when NY apologized to all the guys about the Chance incident, every chance he got he would bring it up. I do wish that Punk would have stepped up though. But let's just admit it, NY was way too out there for him. Plus Punks mother nor sister cared for her. I do know this, if she would have chose Buddha, it would have only been for a 3rd season because you know that by the time of the reunion, one of them would have said that it didn't work. He would have dumped her or she would have dumped him. I just hoped that she really did find love this time. And if she is pregnant that it is Taylor-Made.


I think Tiffany made a poor decision.... she only chose Tailer Made because she can run him like a liitle puppy.. She cant handle a real man like Buddha, I liked the fact that he was honest and said he wasnt in love with her.. how could you be with a self centered woman who still relys on her horrible mother who has no manners to begin with. Tiffany seems like she can be a okay person but she needs to GROW UP and break free from her mother. D girl it is time.. Budda would not have dealt with her mother being so evasive in a relationship so CONGRATS to Buddha for not winning....


hi I'm laura and I come from luxemburg!
I also watch "i love new york" but I
don't understand that things here!
Because here on tv they still send the
season 1 of "i love new york" and I would ask from where you know, which guy New York picked?
Can someone take my mail adr and write me or add me in msn pls?
bye and sorry but I'm not verry well on writing english=P


i cant believe newyork would go that low and go with tailor made this is rediculous im mad at her NOT 2 SAY HE SPIT on someone when newyork got spit on as well i...i just cant believe it and on top of that she could with buddahs baby she made a big mistake but the tailor made 1 is i gusse was good if she really wanna fined love cuz buddah might get mad and hit her or just walk out on her and tailor is good for her cuz he REALLY loves newyork and i mean really cuz this boy asked 2 marry her 2 i just hope there aint a 3rd seson cuz thats gonna b messed up


Correction to last comment: I am one of your biggest fans!!!!


Congratulations Tiffany on your selection. Honestly it is always wiser to choose a man who loves you more than you do them. Taylor Made is genuinely in love with you and I believe he would treat you the way a princess should be treated . Enjoy the bliss this relationship will bring to your life!Keep looking as beautiful as you are and remember you are one of my biggest fans! Your confidence and your personality are winning qualities . Love from the Caribbean!!!