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T.R. Knight: In Katherine Heigl's Wedding Party

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They've always been best friends Grey's Anatomy, and in the real world, so it's only fitting that bride-to-be Katherine Heigl includes T.R. Knight in her wedding.

The actor was among the small group of friends and family who helped Katie celebrate her recent 29th birthday, and now T.R. Knight has revealed in the current issue of Us Weekly that he'll be a member of his BFF's wedding party.

T.R. Knight, 34, is going to be a "bridesman" when Katherine Heigl finally ties the knot with her fiance, singer-songwriter Josh Kelley, 27, on December 23.

Bride and Bridesman

T.R. Knight will be there when Katherine Heigl says "I do."

"I'm standing up there and all," Knight said at the L.A. benefit for the Trevor Project on December 2. "I have to go and get the tux, and I am still deciding on a gift!"

Regardless of how you feel about George and Izzie as a couple, it sure is nice that these two are so close. We're excited for Katherine Heigl's upcoming nuptials!

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u all need to grow up. these people dont know u, nor do u know them. the show is good, but its only a show........................... get hobbies


I hate Gizzie and i am so happy Shonda is breaking them up although i still think it is too wishy washy. i want them stone-dead!
As for best friends in real life, katherine is acting rather immature when she talks about TR Knight and her. I wonder if JOSH has thoughts about that.


it's cool when you have someone soo close in real life and at work


um, im pretty sure he is not wearing a dress. just cuz hes a bridesman doesnt mean he has to wear a dress. and i agree with kathy, smoking is bad for you! i saw that picture of them smoking, too. and also, they never said there was an older sister named ellie, it was always another sister named lexie, and i thought she was younger. but i could be wrong. i think its so cute that he her bridesman, even though i hate gizzie!!!


oh my god! Thy're sooo cute together! I wish they had a chance in a relationship in grey's!


seriously....someone please tell me... is T.R Knight wearing a dress at her wedding? i just really want to know.






stop smoking peole say you smoke and my friends have a picture of you smoking and now they want to smoke so stop

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