Chace Crawford and Penn Badgley Adjust to Spotlight

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Does Chace Crawford mind his new role as a television heart throb? Not exactly.

"I can't complain" Crawford said during a recent interview.

From there, though, the young actor did complain. Sort of. He said he wishes he could do other things with his character.

"I love the lighter scenes, I wish there was more of them," Crawford said.

The Cast

Chace Crawford, Penn Badgley and the rest of the Gossip Girl cast are adjusting to the spotlight.

Penn Badgley, meanwhile, actually says his life isn't so different from before, despite the success of Gossip Girl.

"It's funny, people say it's a big hit, and they say things like, 'You're turning into a star,' but my life has not changed for the most part," he said. "We're working everyday, so we don't see it as much."

The reality of the show's popularity comes sharply into focus when the cast travels to the Upper East Side to shoot scenes on location, says Badgley.

"I'll get mobbed by literally 40 school girls. It's like being a full fledged star, and that's surreal.

Crawford can recall one specific incident that stood out as particularly strange.

"Me and Ed Westwick were walking to set, and fans were surrounding us, like this donut of walking girls."

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i love gossip girl but I think the show needs to be more diverse with its culure.I went to private school for almost all my life and i had from all types of backgrounds not only white. I thnk they should mix it up and add some blacks, hispanics and im sure u will get alot more veiwers from alot more places. There are alot of people from different backgrounds who are rich nd bitchy just like the rest of the cast so why wont they try to be different and try that out atleast for one season and if they dont like it kill them off lol.


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