Confirmed: Brandon Beemer and Martha Madison Off Days of Our Lives

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In a follow-up to yesterday's rumor that a pair of popular stars have been let go from Days of Our Lives, we can now confirm:

Brandon Beemer Picture
Brandon Beemer (pictured) and Martha Madison have been fired from the show. Sources say their ousting was a decision made by executive producer Ken Corday; it was financially driven.

"Wow. I can't believe how fast word travels," Madison said in a statement on her official we site. "I have been bombarded with emails and [messages] asking if it's true [that] Brandon and I have been let go from the show. I'm sorry/sad to say that we have, in fact, been released from our contracts.

It was explained to us on Friday that this was a storyline dictated move by the writers, and that, at this time, we were free to move on to other work. We have both been incredibly grateful for the time that we've had here, and we will still be taping for the next few weeks."

Her Days of Our Lives co-star echoed the actress' sentiments:

"Sad to say that it's true," Beemer write on his website. "The show's decision was very unexpected, but it's always something that comes with the territory. I'll write more when I get more info."

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I am sooo glad these two are gone. DOOL needs to do whatever it takes to bring back Kirsten Storms and Jason Cook back as Belle and Shawn!!!!!!!


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When Will you be coming back to days you are my favorite character and the show will be a flop without you.


I have grown up with these two characters and hate to see them leave. They have made the show very interesting.


they are not going to be fired they can't get fired what about Claire who are going to be her parents now.


I totally agree with Megan, those other people don't really have story lines anyway so I would've chosen them instead of Shawn and Belle.


I am very very very upset. Shawn and Belle are one of the main reason I watch this show. How could you do this......


I am very UPSET at this situation!! How can you kick off two people that have such an impact on the show?? I don't understand why you would get rid of them instead of Abe, Celeste, Anna, Tony, Lexie, Victor, Caroline, Julie, Doug and some of the other older people.


A lot of 20 something's only watch days for the younger storylines, Days is going to loose al ot of young fans by taking the Shaun and Belle storyline out.


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(about Theresa) She's one in a million. Thank God.