Erika Slezak Dishes on One Life to Live Spoiler, Storyline

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On today's episode of One Life to Live, Viki and Marcie finally run into each other, leading to the fugitive Marcie's most desperate move yet.

"When she walks into the diner, Viki is stunned," Erika Slezak (Viki) said to The New York Daily News. "Marcie is equally stunned to see Viki in a waitress uniform."

Unbeknown to the other, Marcie and Viki have both been working as waitresses at the Bon-Jour Cafe in Texas. Viki went there to find herself, while Marcie has been on the run with little Tommy since losing custody of the boy to Viki's brother, Todd (Trevor St. John), last fall.

"Viki has only two minutes earlier discovered that Marcie was [posing as] Sally Ann and had Tommy there," said Slezak. "Viki says, 'I have to call the police because what you've done is wrong. Todd is looking for his son and the cops are looking for you. Let's do this the right way.'"

What else happens on this One Life to Live episode? Tune in today, or read more about it now!

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