Heroes Caption Contest XVII 01/19/2008

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Thank you to all fans who submitted an entry to this edition of the Heroes Caption Contest (the only one on the Web!).

The photo below was a challenge but many readers were up for it. None more so than "Giri," who submitted this week's funniest caption. It's hard to blame the Haitian for feeling like a third wheel, isn't it?

Scroll down to read all the entries - and remember to play every week! Thank you!


Haitian: "How I hate the third wheel!"

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Kristen Bell: Jimmy, how many Jager Red Bull's did Milo have?


Milo: I did them both... Twice! Hehehehehe...


Elle: Really Peter,rabbit ears grow up!


Kristen: Man you don't even have any nose hairs!!!
Jimmy: I know. Milo made a bet he could absorb a barber ability. Now He did.
Milo: Damn right i did!! Snip Snip!!


Milo: We must not wage war against our animal counterparts. Peace is the way to go. Kristen is already one of us. Join the Vegan Movement, Jimmy!


Peter:woo nathans dead woohoo


Elle: My eyes get a dang wig


Elle: "Sooo, is this where you take all the girls? That weird guy keeps gesturing at us... hey, are you listening? What's the matter with you?"
Haitian: "Ugh... Mexican food... not good..."
Elle: "Mexican...? Oh jesus you didn't eat that dumpster taco, did you?"
Peter: "Hey, Hey, Kids! It's Petrelli time! Booow nah nah nah... bow bow... naaaah nah!"


Elle: Ooh look... its a rabbit!! (points to milo)
Haitian: Whatt? Where?
peter: Rabbit?
Elle: I was meaning you milo...
peter: Oh...


The Haitian: (thinks) TGIF!!


Heroes Quotes

[ending voiceover] For all his bluster, it is the sad province of Man that he cannot choose his triumph. He can only choose how he will stand when the call of destiny comes. Hoping that he'll have the courage to answer.


Sylar: I wasn't begging for my life.
Sylar: [a suddenly terrified Mohinder steps back] I was offering you yours.

Heroes Music

  Song Artist
Song Road to Joy Bright Eyes
Song Mustang Sally Wilson Pickett
Song I Want It That Way Backstreet Boys