Is There a Tiffany Pollard Sex Tape?

at . Comments is reporting an exclusive story about a Tiffany Pollard sex tape.

According to the website, one of its readers and the reality TV star best known as "New York" met up at a Miami club a few months ago, went home together and did their best Kim Kardashian/Ray J impressions.

It's unclear whether Pollard was aware the encounter was being taped, or whether this story is even legitimate or not. But we did get our hands on a very grainy, cloudy image from the supposed sex tape:

Tiffany Pollard Sex Tape

Is this a shot from the Tiffany Pollard sex tape? Try to compare the fuzzy image above with a clear one of New York below:

New York Photo

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I don't think it's her, because if you look at the ass on the female and look at New York's. Clearly, New York has a "white girl's" ass, while the one above is pretty straight. So, I would be shocked it's her. Plus, that would mean that New York doesn't know how to dress to enhance her curves, she is possibly wearing her clothes too tight.


i say and everyone says its her... cuz the big breast shows the hair that weive she uses , u can see everything there.. its funny cuz she says she like huge penis not small..