Kimberly McCullough Comments on General Hospital Story Line

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As General Hospital fans know, Robin's dream has come true: she's pregnant!

However, telling daddy Patrick may be a nightmare.

"She's contemplating telling him, but then realizes he's so not ready," Kimberly McCullough said to Soap Opera Digest this week.


To read more about her crisis of conscience - plus who she catches Patrick with - pick up the January 29 issue of Soap Opera Digest now!

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next time please don't make the baby storylines so long. And will patrick ever find out that the baby britt is carrying is not his. its taking such a long time very impatient with this storyline. GH writer lets hurry this along please..


I am worry about my sweet Sabrina what will happen to her when robin return to Patrick will she be kick to curb as though she never existed in Patrick and emma life will Patrick have a hard time letting her go afterall he did tell Sabrina he loved her and yes I know robin is his soul mate but please allow her to go out with dignity. and hopefull someone will come into her life and make her happy.a true did hard fan of gh


Why do you insist on keeping Claudia on the show she is crude rude and ugly?Sonny should be taken off the show also if that is the best he can attract.Please kill Claudia off are let Rick have her.I see you stuck Elizabeth with Lucky again?When are they finally going to find out about Claudia doing that to Michael (Sonny's son or are you going to let that drag on with the witch. Shirley Osterland maybe Claudia can kill sonny and then herself.


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