Possible New Gossip Girl Regular Debuts Tonight

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Look for Tampa native Dreama Walker on tonight's Gossip Girl.

The Plant High School graduate is introduced as a new character, Hazel, one of the "in crowd" at the gang's posh Manhattan prep school.

We get to know Hazel as she makes trouble for spoiled rich girl Blair Waldorf, who is played by series co-star Leighton Meester.

As we know, Blair Waldorf is worried that she might be pregnant. When Hazel and her pals find out, they start snubbing Blair.


Will new character Hazel cause Blair Waldorf (above) trouble?

"We are being added to shake things up," says Walker, who has been in New York since she graduated from high school four years ago.

The role could be recurring, but DreamaWalker won't find out until the writers strike is over. There's currently no end in sight.

"I'm almost 100 percent certain that I will be back," she said. "I don't think they would introduce a character that would never be seen again."

Walker was on an episode of Law & Order as well as Guiding Light. She was in a TV pilot, Zip, for NBC that didn't get picked up.

She has worked in several films that were made in New York, including the upcoming Sex and the City: The Movie. She also has a role in an indie film, Wherever You Are" making the rounds of film festivals.

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Dreama Walker is Hazel. She is my friend and we went to high school together and that IS her playing that character.


Hazel is not being played by Dreama Walker....its a girl named Amanda, and she is from NY

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