Sabine Singh Speaks Out

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Despite being treated like crap by All My Children producers - they actually advertised the return of the "real Greenlee during an episode with the supposedly fake Greenlee - Sabine Singh is taking the high road.

She recently said the following, regarding her All My Children ousting:

It has been a difficult week and a shocking, most unexpected turn of events. However, there is one thing that has kept me clearheaded and strong throughout all this: my friends, on and off set.

The amazing AMC fans have been nothing short of supportive, loving, and giving on my behalf. My fellow cast and crew members held me up through my last week of work, where I shot scenes and said lines that were no longer mine.

This is difficult news to receive the week before Christmas, which made it even harder to tell my family. I am sad to have lost a job I loved so much, and I am sad at how much this hurts my amazingly supportive family. However, this turn of events offered me the opportunity to see such beauty in people: I have wonderful friends. I have amazing fans.

The cast and crew of All My Children are so unbelievably supportive. Therefore, ultimately, I would like to thank All My Children for the opportunities they provided me with but most especially I want to thank them because I was able to meet and work with such remarkable, extraordinary people.

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I keep trying to get used to Rebecca back as Greenlee and quite frankly she doesn't do the job anymore. Sabine set the bar high, succeeded, showed her amazing acting talents and how I miss her--I want her back. I am sorry for the shabby treatment by ABC Daytime and AMC. Sabine can act rings around Rebecca any day of the week!


I totally love and think Sabine did a fantastic, and great job, I think she is the better Greenlee,I used to like Rebecca, but not as much any more.Sabine is a great actress and did very well in playing Greenlee,I loved her in the storyline where she was trapped in the bomb shelter, she did wonderfully well with that story, I hope the producers see that they made a mistake in firing her so aruptly the way they did. I love Sabine Singh,she is the real Greenlee to me, Sabine Singh Rocks!!!


I agree. First of all there is no "Real" Greenlee. Second, Sabine Singh is a very good actress. I don't think that Rebecca could have played those intense parts as well as Sabine did. She added depth to the role of Greenlee. I don't dislike Rebecca, but I don't think she could have done as well. I know that Sabine will move on to do a lot of great acting, but I am very disappointed with the way ABC handled this transition. I guess they thought they were going to get more viewers, but all they succeeded in doing was having themselves look unprofessional and quite frankly ridiculous. There's nothing "real" about soaps ABC or their characters. Maybe the decision makers at ABC should get "real".


I totally agree with the comments
that was horible AMC has no heart
Sabine good luck i wish you all the best


We love you and miss you Sabine ,you did a great job. BRAVO !
Shame on ABC shame on Rebecca .


I cannot believe how cruel and insinsitive the producers of AMC were to kick off Sabine Singh like they did...just like she never existed. I use to like Rebecca Budig, and now I don't. I saw her on The View and she didn't even mention what a good job Sabine did in her absence. Shame on you Rebecca!!


I also thought that the "real Greenlee" comments were immensely insensitive to a very talented actress who took over a part originated by another.
AMC needs to revamp its "transition" advertisements. Sabine Singh did a great job, and to have the "real" comment was highly derogatory to a lovely young women. I say "you go, girl" to Sabine!!