The Carrie Underwood YouTube Page

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American Idol champion Carrie Underwood has launched her very own YouTube page at. Find it here.

Unlike Oprah, who forbids embedding on her YouTube channel, Carrie’s videos are embeddable-friendly. Here's a look:


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well i really like the American Idol, so we don't have to see the same celebrity again and again, good to see something new.
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Carrie underwood is awesome i love the song Jesus take the wheel I'm only ten i can sing the song without the music its so awesome.E-mail me would you please. love jasmine


Mrs. Underwood: You have been given a beautiful singing talent from God. You started using it for his Glory by singing songs like Jesus take the Wheel. But as it happens to most who begin to get worldly fortune and fame they forget and soon take the wheel back and push Jesus to the side. I wonder Mrs. Woods if Jesus would be pleased with your recent songs and scantly dressed clothing you have rcently worn like on 2008 American Idol. I know your promoters could care less what Jesus thinks. God is looking down from heaven each day to see if their is any man or woman who is willing to take up the cross and serve him. Carrie let Jesus take the wheel! DAVID.