American Idol Recap: The Best, the Worst, the Most Original

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The American Idol semifinals kicked off last night with performances from the top 12 men. While David Archuleta remains the sentimental favorite, here's a look at who we thought was the best, the worst and the most original on the night:

The Best: Michael Johns. Australian sensation sang "Light My Fire" by The Doors and proved once again that his background of singing with a band called The Rising is paying off. Seems relaxed, mature and polished.

Michael Johns Photo

The Worst: Garrett Haley has to be going home tomorrow night, right? The crazy-haired singer went with "Breaking Up is Hard to Do," and - as Simon pretty much said - listening to this tune was hard to do. The British judge graded Haley with: "It was boring. Your voice sounded a bit whiny. You looked terrified ... verging on haunted."

Garrett Haley Picture

Most Original: Danny Noriega won't make the finals, but he'll entertain viewers in the meantime. This 18-year old certainly got into his version of "Jailhouse Rock." He just looked sort of like a young woman while doing it. Oddly enough, Randy Jackson said: "Loved the performance... It was kinda hot."

A Danny Noriega Photo

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Danny Noriega was a piece of shit really.


danny is really S3xy .........


danny is so adorable.i want to date him.please tell him this.


I agree with your opinion on Michael Johns and Danny Noriega. However, I disagree with your bashing on Garrett Haley. I think he did a good job with the song, his voice was perfect for it. He's probably shy and a little uncomfortable up there, and I don't blame him. My advice for Garrett is to try to loosen up a little bit and try to make the song his own. He doesn't need to be as creative as Noriega, but maybe pay attention to Jason Castro and David Cook. They were some of the most original that night. Anyway, best of luck to Garrett, and the one who needs to go home is Chikezie, or whatever his name is.