David Andrew MacDonald: Coming to One Life to Live

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A new villain is coming to Llanview.

An the character will be be portrayed by none other thanDavid Andrew MacDonald. MacDonald. The actor recently returned to Guiding Light as Edmund Winslow for a short stint, only to now jump networks and join One Life to Live.

We'll have more details as they emerge. But do you think MacDonald is a good addition to One Life to Live?

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Oh MY goodness! Be VERY still my heart! GL's Dark Prince, he of the molten dark chocolate voice, in a commercial SUGGESTIVE of his coming to Llanview! As if having lost the heart of Springfield by losing Ross Marler only to see him re-emerge as Clint Buchanan has not been a blow as well as a blessing, now, if only Prince Edmund Winslow would be transmogrified and transported to Llansview! OK, If this really, really HAPPENED, I know that OLTL will win me back as a viewer. I used to watch OLTL before switiching over to ATWT. Please, please, please bring David Andrew Macdonald to Llanview, and I too will come back to stay!


Actually, it turns out, he's not joining OLTL. Those are scenes from an ESPN "fantasy baseball" campaign. Still, if you'd like to see him on OLTL or ABC, doesn't hurt to let the powers that be know! ;)


As a fan of both David's and OLTL, I think this is great news, news that I'd actually been hoping to hear! I hope David sticks around Llanview for a long time!


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