Eric Dane Diagnosed with Skin Cancer

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In a surprising and very serious piece of Grey's Anatomy news, Eric Dane was diagnosed with a form of skin cancer just last month.

Fortunately, he has successfully treated the disease and is recovering well. The actor spoke to OK! magazine about his struggle.

The Grey's Anatomy star first detected something was wrong when he looked in the mirror and saw what looked like chapped lips - but wasn't.

"I went to my dermatologist," Eric Dane tells the celebrity news magazine. "He said it was malignant tissue caused by sun damage."

Eric Dane Diagnosed with Skin Cancer

The malignancy was treated by doctors who began freezing the cancerous tissue off with liquid nitrogen. Unfortunately for Dane, his skin had a severe reaction to a cream given to him to put on his lip after the treatment.

"My skin is very sensitive and my lip was traumatized by the procedure I had to go through," he said, noting that his reaction to the medication created a painful scenario that made eating difficult.

"I didn't eat very well for a couple of weeks and lost a bunch of weight," Eric Dane explains, estimating that he dropped at least 10 pounds off his ripped, 6'1" frame while dealing with his skin cancer.

We're very sorry to hear about this but glad Eric is speaking out about it, as it will raise awareness of the seriousness of the disease.

And we're glad we can expect Dr. Mark "McSteamy" Sloan back when Grey's Anatomy resumes production - hopefully very, very soon.

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wow, he's very luky. keep going eric you will get over it!!! =)


Oh, my, Eric, get better soon. You're a great actor. Good luck and good health.


wow poor guy. its good to see that he fought against it and is doing well. he would have been missed. :(


omg im like crying omg please getttt better i love u


OMG, i was so surprised to hear that eric dane had been diagnosed with skin cancer!! thats so horrible, as a family member of someone who has survived cancer, I know how traumatizing the diagnosis can be to someone. i am very glad that he is okay though, and i wish him and his family all the best! oh, by the way the rumor is that the new episodes, if the writers strike rly end and they r shot, should air at the end of april into early may!! Greys Rules!!! SERIOUSLY!!! :)


I'm sorry he had cancer. I really hope this will get Eric to bring more awareness to skin cancer. People don't really take into consideration that we need to be protecting our skin. People fake-n-bake all the time because it's "cool"- they think that just because there isn't an immediate consequence that nothing will ever happen, but it will.


I too was very shocked to read that Eric has skin cancer. I hope he'll recover quickly.


Comment @ mimi: Rumours have it that new episodes will be shot in March.
Comment regarding Eric Dane: I was shocked to read that Eric has been diagnosed with skin cancer. I really hope he'll recover quickly and that everything is going to be fine.


does anyone knowe when next eppisode will arrive :)?


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