Hayden Panettiere Talks Politics

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Hayden Panettiere really is an impressive young lady.

While other young stars are worrying about fashion and which clubs to attend, the Heroes actress is focusing on causes close to her heart.

We already know about Hayden's focus on whales. Now, on the heels of Super Tuesday, she's speaking out about various candidates for president.

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"I have spoken to Barack about the whales and the situation going on there, and I asked him his views on it, and he grew up in Hawaii. He's got a very wonderful outlook on it. Hopefully later on, [I'm] having a phone call with the McCain party and also in the midst of contacting the Clinton party.

I'll hopefully be hearing from them on the whole situation and what they're willing to do to stop it."

Keep it up, Hayden! We're impressed by your activeness and responsibility.

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Um, okay. Is this not just posturing? I sadly suspect she'll fall in line with so many of the other misguided but (perhaps) well intentioned folks out there and vote socialist (democrat). "Reaching out to McCain? The RINO? ... pretty revealing. Isn't this the gal who wass sometime back hooked up with Normal Lear (the radical atheistic-socialist nut job so active in the 1970s)? It's a shame really. These actress types who think b/c they are on a public format like TV that somehow their view is somehow more worthy of public discourse....not bashing her concern for whales, for ex, I share that view. But honey, at least publicly, stick to acting (and save the political stuff for behind the scenes...quiet...work. She could do all she speaks of behind the scenes and be better off).


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