David Archuleta vs. David Cook

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There are many strong contenders on season seven of American Idol. But we'll go out on a (not too dangerous) limb right now and state the following:

The finals will come down to David Archuleta and David Cook.

Do you prefer the innocent, beautiful voice of Archuleta? Or the risky, exciting choices made by Cook? To help viewers decide, here's a look at the pair's most memorable performances so far this season:


Are you a David Archuleta fan...


... or a David Cook supporter?

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david is the best singer in the world to me. he has an awsome voice. just to bad he lost. i look up to him. i want to be like him. a great singer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I reading the past few comments. FYI kate, they just let cook win because he's poor. They did'nt look at the one with the ReAL, ORIgInal n' good voice. Cook Sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think DAvid a. is the best. He rocks. unlike david a., david cook is a total fake. he thinks he's so cute. But He'S ReaLly NoT! Though archuleta did'nt win, he's stil way way way way way way better than cook. he's drop-dead gorgeous. DDDDAVID AAARCHULETA YOOOOUR SO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i think david archuleta should win because simon cowell loved archuleta's performances than cook...!!! it is not the right david who won.....


Oh hey folks........ ARCHULETTA LOST!!!!!!!!! Just another teeny bopper singer with no ability to stand on stage with confidence.


Go DAvid ARchuleta!!!
PLease vote for him!!!
he deserves it!!!


i hope david archuleta wins AI.he really deserves it because...
1.)he has a VERY nice voice
2.)the judges really like him and he has received a LOT of good comments from the judges
4.)besides from having a nice voice,he also has a nice personality AND A LOT MORE!! if you don't like him,don't tell bad stuff about him!!he sounds WAY better than you do...if u like DC just say u like him and stop insulting ARCULETA!!!! GO D.A.!!


I don't know who's gonna win but i hope david archuleta has what it takes!!!!!


david a by far !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jonas brothers will be performing on american idol on the finale


I think David Archleda will it all... he is by far the better singer!!! David Cook has a "good" voice but not the American Idol image...and to win u have to have it "all"!!!....But they both i think will to very well after the show is over =]]
Vote for David Archleda!!!
[My Idol]
love you =]