Gossip Girl Spoiler: Male Character is Gay

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Here's a potentially big Gossip Girl spoiler for you. It was reported yesterday by TV Guide that "a male character on Gossip Girl will be revealed to be of the gay persuasion when the show returns on April 21."

In the book series, Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley) played for both teams, so he's an option, although the books have provided only a loose interpretation of what we've seen on The CW's Gossip Girl so far.

We think that Eric van der Woodsen (Connor Paolo), Serena's little brother, or the always mysterious Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick, pictured) might be more likely candidates to come out of the closet.

Another Ed Westwick Picture

What do you think, fans of Gossip Girl? Who will be revealed to be a gay character when Gossip Girl returns Monday, April 21?

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Oh, and by the way, have you seen the spoiler pic of chuck/blair hugging? maybe she was grongratulating him on coming out?


i don`t want Chuck to be gay. although I agree it would bring a great twist to the story. But I don`t think it would be Chuck or Erik. Why? B/c everyone who read the book already saw that Chuck would be the gay one. So that wouldn`t be a great twist. And everyone is already predicting Erik, so that would be boring. I think if Dan did turn gay, it would make an interesting twist to the plot. But I guess we`ll find out soon! p.s. I`m a Chuck lover. And yes it would be heartbreaking to see him go gay. But hey, as long as the show is juicy...


LOL. I love Chuck!!! I also love CB!!!! But thats not to say that I couldn't totally get on board with Chuck and dudes, I'm not picky I just need my Chuck. Lol, basically gay Chuck would be hot and fun, and they writers could also use that to get him and Blair closer. Hey Jack on Dawson Creek was hot and gay! It can be done.


Oh and to add to it, If it's not eric, Why are there confirmed reports of Jennys new love intrest? hy not just make him Eric?


My Money's on Eric, I think the writers would be kind of ignorent to make Chuck Gay, There are to Many B/C shippers for that to happen, although before B/C came to my attention, I had a little theory he was gay...
If it's eric, then it actually makes some sense, a lot was left unsaid about the suicide attempts, from what we know, he is somewhat of pariah at school, and him being a closeted Gay would add to it.
It maybe be dan, Just think of the drama it would cause, I think it would be little predictable though.
oh and as for nate, I don't think so, it the most unlikely, after he was seen MACing with Vannessa, Unless Vannessa os a dude....


well if it follows the books *im aware that it for the most part hasn't been* The gay person in mind would be Chuck :D


... Though I can pretty much promise you that it's not him.
XP It's a ratings stunt. They'll take the boring route
and do Eric. Blah. :[


i agree. chuck with another guy is HAWT! ;)


What's to say a gay Chuck isn't sexy? ;] Lol.


yeah i think it is chuck to just becuz it turn out that he is gay in the book but i hope not becuz he is so sexy

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