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Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest XCVIII

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Welcome, Grey's Anatomy fans young and old, to the 98th Grey's Anatomy Insider Caption Contest, our always-entertaining Monday morning tradition.

It was a tough call as always - we almost went with Hermy and Dempsey is Dreamy, but we ultimately settled on Kim as this week's winner.

Congratulations! Scroll down for the full list of replies we received. We have posted the winning entry beneath the photo. Good luck again this week!

Thank you to each of you, our loyal readers, for playing the Grey's Anatomy Insider Caption Contest and making us the #1 Grey's Anatomy fan site.

Here is this week's Caption Contest image:

Open-Handed Fighting!

Richard: I can't believe ABC traded us to "Men in Trees."
Alex: They actually traded us to "Lost."
George: Here's the twist. I'm the last of the Oceanic 6.

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    Brockeback Seattle Grace
    Love Is A Force Of Medicine

    Justin Chambers James Pickens Jr. T.R.Knight

    Coming Soon


    Chief: I'm hungry. Now could you two decide where we should go.
    Alex: Well, I want McDonalds.
    George: We're not going to McDonalds, let's go to Burger King it's so much better.
    Alex: No
    Chief: (Rolls his eyes and walks away) I don't care I'm going to Wendy's


    Chief: I SAW that. Give it back now, Karev!
    Alex: What?
    Chief: My favourite scrub-cap. Give it back!
    *George snickers because HE stole the scrub cap*


    I thought you brought the tents!


    Chief: Alex you can't be here.
    Alex: And just why not?
    George: Because you haven't slept with a Grey.


    Chief: What are you two doing?
    Alex: Yea George what are we doing?
    George: umm well...
    Chief: Well spit it out O'Malley, we don't have all day.
    George: Well Alex wants to kill me because I slept with Izzie and he wants Izzie...not to mention he still is mad about Denny...
    Alex: And here I was thinking you thought I was pretty..
    George: I am not gay! I have a girlfriend and a wife...and you've got...
    Alex My Dignity...
    George: Oh ya that..
    Chief: It's going to be a long weekend...


    Chief: In the kissing game, you must follow my rules!


    Crap, it didn't show up.

    Chief: "I can't believe we're on the set of 'Brokeback Mountain'!"
    George: *wiggles eyebrows*


    Chief: "I can't believe we're on the set of 'Brokeback Mountain'!"


    bahaha "alex is pretty"
    like mcwhatevers and dempsey is dreamy

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