Inna Dmitrenko Dishes on Rock of Love Elimination

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Being referred to by Bret Michaels as his "Ukrainian love tank." was not enough to keep Inna Dmitrenko on Rock of Love. The contestant was voted off last week.

Still, Dmitrenko has no hard feelings. She agrees with Bret that a love connection hadn't formed.

"I thought we were making a great connection, but towards the end, all the girls were throwing themselves at him, and I just don't compete with that kinda stuff. I sort of think that Bret was two-faced, especially in this episode," Dmitrenko said.


"I liked him way better in the first season. To my face, he never called me a love tank. Every time we hung out, he seemed very interested. But seeing the show, it's now a whole different story. I'm a love tank? What does that mean? I'm a little disappointed."

We'd be, too. If either Daisey De La Hoya or Kristy Joe Muller get eliminated from the show any time soon.

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Yes I agree Inna was definitely too much Woman for Bret Michaels "Mr. Rock Of Love". No Disrespect intented but she is Truly all Woman just enough for me! Enough If U get a hold of this, feel free to check me out!! Seriously!


Inna was too much woman for poor little Brett. He should lose the cowboy hat and grow a pair of balls. What a loser.