Martha Byrne: Her Side of As the World Turns Departure

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Bye, Bye Byrne
Now that Martha Byrne is officially leaving As the World Turns, the actress has a response to the show's side of her departure, which went as follows:

"We have made Martha an incredibly generous offer in hopes that she would remain a valuable member of the As the World Turns cast."

Byrne doesn't see it the same way. She recently told Soap Opera Digest:

"Last year, understanding the impending fiscal constraints the show faced, I willingly signed a one-year contract with a substantial pay reduction. With six weeks remaining on that contract, the show began negotiations on a new one. I made it known I was willing to sign a multi-year contract and was committed to stay with the show...

"I then learned the show, that same afternoon, put out a breakdown for my immediate replacement. That was the end of any further negotiations for me. Unfortunately, what I thought to be a reasonable and workable request, the show determined [to be] unworkable."

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I have watched ATWT most of my life but I have about reached my end. Ditching Martha is about the final blow. Plus the fact that each time the writer's can't come up with a decent story line, they decide to break a couple up with a bunch a cheating, lies, and whatever. They drag in people with no relationship to ATWT instead of utilizing the families and relationships from the very beginning. This might work for new viewers but it doesn't wash for us "oldtimers."


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