Not Shy: Monalisa Speaks on Flavor of Love Ouster

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Monalisa became known as Shy on Flavor of Lov.

Unfortunately, her exposure on the reality TV dating show ultimately stained Shy /  Monalisa with a reputation as the loud-mouthed and bad-breathed instigator who tried to win Flavor Flav's heart but to no avail.

On the other hand, her recent elimination has liberated her from all the drama in the mansion and allows her to return to her "true self."

According to Shy, everything she did on the show was just an act.

Although she lasted seven weeks on Flavor of Love, her time was not enjoyable. In fact, she had to deal with the negative energy and distance herself from her true personality as she took on the name given to her by the great Flavor Flav.

Not Shy: Monalisa Speaks on Flavor of Love Ouster

Shy / Monalisa: Never a dull moment.

"Basically, I am a true actress and I took that character in and became Shy. I had a little something of me, but I became that character. I was confused. I was getting mixed signals from Flav... Shy is the negative character of who I am and I made that character live. I tapped into a character instead of showing my true swagger," Shy explained.

"It was a really hellish experience for me. I had to shake the Shy character off. It took me like two months," she added. "I knew what I had to take care of with my teeth even before the show. I have never smelled my breath like the way he says it, and no one else I'm around has. I think it came from Bee-Ex and Hotlanta starting the rumor at the roast. That's when everything about my breath kicked off. He took it all the way to the end and that's some real gutter stuff.  I'll go out and be the girl with the stinky breath. That was Shy. I'm Monalisa."

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She is a nasty hoe and my man must have been drunk AND high to chat to her in Amsterdam Oct. 09. She wants attention she'd get from anyone or anything. Nasty


I am not here to judge just remember this: "Take care of your character and your reputation will take care of itself."


Shy (MonaLisa) you got to be kidding, right? If all that was an act then I have to say you are one heck of an actress because you succeeded in coming across as a loud mouth, thirsty, shit starter. (Yeah right, it was all an act, lol) Your problem was this: You tried too hard to be a "New York" personality. But the difference is this, New York has far more personality can you can even dream about; and she is interesting in the sense that you want to tune in to see what she is about to do next. But with you, I found myself asking "Why is she yelling all the time?". It was pretty clear early on that you were trying TOO hard and doing TOO much to become the next "break-out" star. Whether your breath stinks or not, I don't know and I definitely don't wan to find out either. But you do realize you had the worst exit of anyone in Reality TV history. Look on the bright side you did get some national exposure and you gave new meaning to the word "shy".


Well i think we all know, that you were far from SHY.. You were loud and rude.. And you know yo breathe is stank when all the girls were calling you out, but when yo man dont even kiss you then you know you got some hella breathe.. And you know you aint got the money to fix them teeth... So i sugguest you not be so loud with hot breathe.. And get a tooth brush cause you know you dont brush does teeth...


You have got to be kidding me, Shy! Are you so serious? You are honestly trying to put a "positive" spin on your train wreck of a portrayal on FOL3... And in typical fashion.. only making matters worst! Aside from being a hating, talent-free, nasty, burn-up, ugly, stank-breath, big-mouthed, shit-starter... you have just revealed that you are a phony and a liar. This revelation comes on the heel of bad press and mostly negative feedback from would-be fans. I don't know how you're going to get yourself out of this one. But seeing as I'm not a hater and am merely speaking the truth as I see it... good luck trying.


Girl quit playin you look like you got funky breath. I hope that you read this personally. I know broads like you in my city, and you are so ghetto. So don't try and down play your ways now that you are off of the show. All it is is that you are embaressed about the way you portrayed or played yourself.You see hoe silly and hood you really are,if I were you I would act like I was someone else to. You can probably get that excuse off with those that don't know any better but honey I do. You need to take that experience and try and change, but once a hood rat always a hood rat. Take care with you thirsty,ugly ghetto ass.