One Life To Live Deals with Teenage Sex

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This is pretty cool.

Their First Time
While many One Life to Live fans were shocked that 16-year old Starr Manning (Kristen Alderson) had sex for the first time this week (with her longtime boyfriend Cole), the show is aware of the controversy. It's handing it well.

ABC is teaming up with the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy by having Alderson blog about what her character is going through with this course of action and its consequences.

On the show,Starr has already expressed some regret to her mother, Blair, about the night with Cole, whilethe young actress, who's played the character since 1998, expresses her own views. '

'I'm Starr's age and I'm definitely not ready,'' Alderson said in a press release. ''Think about sex and decide how important it is to you.... You can always say 'no,' even if you've said 'yes' before — it's your decision.''

The weekly blog (which will appear on the official One Life to Live website after today's episode), will also feature statistics and facts on teen pregnancy. We commend the show for handing such a delicate matter in such a responsible way.

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