Thumbs Up From Patrick Dempsey

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McDreamy sure has a passion for cars (and lookin' good).

After a typical morning workout at the Easton Gym in Los Angeles, Grey's Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey drove his Porsche 997 GT3 RS to Heritage Classics on Friday to look at some classic automobiles. Here's a picture of Patrick ...

Thumbs Up

We always love seeing the amazing Patrick Dempsey - who opened a cancer center in his home town of Lewiston, Maine, recently, out and about. Follow this link for more photos of the Grey's Anatomy leading man from his Friday outing ...

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^ I guess so ...
Thanks 'die rose.derekisformeredith' ! ;)


dont put yourself down, evisarens. tiff must have just missunderstood your post.


To Tiff : you obviously can't follow ...
There was this guy talking trash about Patrick, so all I did is defend him and this site. So what you're saying, that this is a fan site and we can talk about anything Grey's related, I was saying the same thing ...
Now people are gonna start hating me for defending Pat and this wonderfull site :( :'(


Hey wt fish is with...evisarens?? Seriously are u mad or something?? This is a Grey's fan site so we can talk about anything that is Grey's related including the cast members..cuz they have photos of them too (in real life). otherwise there would just be screean captures and grey's wallpapers then,..JEE~~
Anyway, yay McDreamy is so hot!!! Luv him


This isn´t the best pic of him he´s very far away. if you want to see better ones go on to just jared or PD news. There´s better ones there more close up. Anyway he looks SERIOUSLY HOT. I love the stubble. I hope they bring back Derek´s stubble. To JILLI call yourself a PD fan if you were you woudn´t say such a hooible thing & to fan site if you´re not a fan of PD WHY bother commenting. STOP wasting space for people that do like him. McDreamy you SERIOUSLY ROCK.


Oh look who's back, Mr.I hate PD for no good reason !
This is a fan site for the fans of Grey's, so you can't talk trash about any of the cast members.
Unless you are a crew member and you know everything about PB and how he acts behind the scenes, shut the f*ck up, because you don't !!!
Geez, get a life !!! * Rolls her eyes *


You got to be fucking kidding me lol. This is no fan site. If there was then there would be better moderation on the bashing that goes on in the comments area. This is no fan site. People bash all the time, but heaven forbid for someone to have different opinion then ego-boasting arrogant PD who doesn't even socialize with his own castmembers. Give me a site. Yea, I know of them. And this place isn't one of them.


I love PD, but he looks like a child molester with that mustache thing going on.


You shouldn't be talking sh** about PD if you don't know a thing about him. Him, as well as the rest of the cast, were all there for the strike and all sorts of charitable events. So what if he enjoys racing cars? It's his hobby! He still finds time to work on Grey's, movies, go to charity events and spend time with his family! Like the others said, this is a FAN site. Take your crap elsewhere, cuz we don't wanna hear it.


Yeah! I agree with evisarens and die rose. derekisformeredith. If you're going talk it somewhere else.

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