American Idol Recap: Who Inspired You?

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On a night of inspiration songs, a trio of favorites - David Cook, Michael Johns and Carly Smithson - failed to motivate the judges to give them high marks.

Conversely, Kristy Lee Cook (yes, Kristy Lee Cook!) and Jason Castro basked in the high praise of Randy, Paula and Simon. Oh, and David Archuleta did well. But what else is new?

The Top 8

Who was your favorite performer? Who do you think will be sent home next on American Idol?

Also, remember: tonight is the Idol Gives Back special. Watch. Call in. Donate all you can.

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Praise God! Hearing them sing "Shout to the Lord" was inspiring and comforting to know that Jesus will prevail in this world.


Oh Patricia, if Kristy Lee Cook is a star then I bet you look like Jessica Alba, have Petra Nemcova's figure, have a billionaire boyfriend and that you watch Kristy sing every week while finishing a barrel of KFC without ever gaining weight....


Bad night. These kids just didn't get the concept of "inspirational" lyrics. I mean, songs like "Wonderful World" (L. Armstrong), "The Greatest Love Of All" (W. Houston / G. Benson), "True Colors" (C. Lauper), "I'll Take You There" (Staple Singers) or "What's Going On" (M. Gaye) never even crossed their minds. I'm sure there's been a song in the last ten years that has been inspiring...particularly if the grunge period is excluded. These kids need some music history classes!


The performance by Kristy Lee Cook singing Anyway was just as good or better than Jordan Sparks final "this is my now" or Katharine McPhee's "somewhere over the rainbow". FACE IT AMERICA, KRISTY LEE COOK IS A STAR!


Yes, its bizarre. How they ever found anything redeemable in Kristy's anemic, almost tone-deaf performance is beyond me. She is this season's Sanjaya and not even close to being as amusing or entertaining as Sanjaya. Carly's failed debut album said it all- this girl is technically perfect, but light-years distant. I don't like rock, so i don't like David Cook, period. Syesha? Jason Castro? Pass. Michael Johns is as boring and sluggish as an Australian rugby game in the rain. David A. is nasal, but he's going to win this hands down- he's got a million hooks which everybody and anybody can hold on to. Brook White is an anachronism; she makes me want to drink double martinis at lunch.


NONE of them inspired me. It was possibly the WORST show of the season so far. When Kristy actually shines in comparison to the rest, something is wrong. It seems that the judges will never be satisfied with Syesha or Carly, no matter what they do. And anything Archeleta does is just fine, fantastic,etc. Jason and Brook were at least pleasant last night, if not inspiring.