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American Idol Shocker, Take II: Carly Smithson Eliminated!

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It wasn't as shocking as the elimination of Michael Johns, but we didn't imagine anyone except Brooke White would get ousted from American Idol this week.

Instead, Carly Smithson was shown the door.

We're flabbergasted. It's nice viewers felt bad for Brooke after she forgot the lyrics Tuesday night and all, but come on - it was her time to go. Smithson's performance of "Jesus Christ Superstar" was inspired in our view.

Carly SmithsonI

It was the end of the line for Carly Smithson tonight. Do you think she deserved to go?

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yes, she had a tattoo that covered her arm and distracted from her song. Her husband looks like a snake! Can you imagine an American Idol that looks like a snake. Yes she could sing ok but Brooke did better on other weeks and does present more of an image of an American Idol and her family does not look like snakes. Sad but true. She did not cover up the tattoo and it did her in. Sad for her. She had a good voice but damaged the package from the previous year by tattooing her body


Carly did great with Jesus Christ Superstar as recommended by Sir Andrew. I sure hope it had nothing to do with the controversy stirred up in the late 60's, early 70's when it first came out. Andrew L Webber is the Mozart of our generation. rh


Obviously no, she didn't deserve to go. But I can't say I'm surprised. Carly never seemed to get a real fan base behind her. And with the speed dialers happily behind the Davids, the preteens and their sympathy votes to keep Brooke in, and Jason Castro's girlie fans, me and my 20 calls just don't have a chance for someone like Carly.


Hi there. I am a faithful Canadian viewer of American Idol. I do not want to bad-mouth the American public who vote. But, what in the hell are you people thinking? It was bad enough that Michael was voted off a couple of weeks ago, but this is turning out to be a "who's the cutest and has the bigger fan base" contest. It so damaged the credibility of what Idol is trying to do and that is to leave the best talent standing at the end. In a lot of people's opinions, Carly should have been in the top 3 fighting it out with the two Davids. But, NO, can't have that happen? I truly do NOT get the logic of this year's outcomes so far. thank you for letting me vent. Cheers to all. Roger


Of course she didn't deserve to go, she gave one of the most entertaining performances of the night. She has a great voice and I will miss seeing her on the show. She is a very talented and beautiful girl. Good luck to you Carly!


She was my favorite from the beginning; If you have seen all her performances, she deserved to be in the top 2 with David Cook.


Carly was the only female that could really sing and did not desrve to be eliminated. \it should have been syesah who screeches rather than sings. Shame on those who voted carly off too soon.


Carly is so much more talented than Brooke its not even funny!! Brooke is simply an overrated coffee shop singer...she should have gone!!


No, she's not deserved to go... she's one of the best last night and this girl is really can sing! Sometimes I wonder if American Idol is really a singing competition... Wonder why they always made the most improved one in the show leaves the next days... :(


no!! i really don't think she deserved to go!... but i guess its all about being blonde and cute now!!.. honestly!! castro and white shud have been the real bottom2! with white going home!! i am not watching the show again this season! and if they send david cook home during top4/3 then i am not watchin the next seeason!...