Daisy De La Hoya and Ambre Lake Dish on Bret Michaels

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The final two desperate and pathetic women contestants on this season's Rock of Love only had one thing in common: strong feelings for Bret Michaels.

The reality series ended very differently, as well, for Daisy De La Hoya and Ambre Lake, as the former went home alone and the latter became the latest notch on Michaels' bed and dating posts. Daisy is still dealing with the affects of the outcome.

"After I came off the show, it was really hard. It took me a good two months to recover from everything," she said. "Not just Bret, but everything that happened."

But are you over the former lead singer of Poison, Daisy? Yes, Daisy replied, adding that she and Bret have opposing views of relationships.

"I don't think that Bret understood that there's not going to be any type of physical relationship with him unless we're in a relationship," she said. "That's just how I work. He's a rock star and used to having free relationships and sexual contact with girls, but I am not that girl."

Reality TV Scoop note: Write in now and let us know if you actually believe Michaels never hit that.

Anmbre, conversely, sounds completely understanding of Bret's lifestyle.

"I'm in the entertainment industry, and it's hard to date someone who isn't. I'm always on set. I'm never home. When I'm on set, I can't answer the phone," the show's winner said. "Bret has a similar lifestyle. He's always on the road. It's hard to get in touch with him. So he gets it and it's really refreshing to date someone who understands my life."

We give this couple two weeks.

Bret Michaels, Ambre Lake

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