Dancing With the Stars Contestants Criticize Derek Hough, Shannon Elizabeth

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Following their tirade against the judges Monday night - despite receiving a flurry of 8's - Derek Hough and Shannon Elizabeth were the subject of harsh words from others associated with Dancing with the Stars last night.

"I think it was a little bit in bad form," Len Goodman said of Hough's reaction. "I learned long ago, ‘Never knock the competition,' but in his defense, he's young, and we all say things in the heat of the moment."

Shannon, Derek

Regarding Elizabeth's flood of tears, Bruno Tonioli added:

"Sometimes you get a little wound up, but the Niagara Falls, we had that when we gave her an eight! If we give her a five, what are you going to get? Commit suicide?! Hari-Kari?! Get over it!"

Even Cristian de la Fuente said of Hough: "He should probably learn to stay quiet. It's one thing to be angry at the judges and another thing to start talking about the other people here."

Did you think Hough and Elizabeth were out of line with their reactions?

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i agree that S+D COULD HAVE BEEN MORE PROFESSIONAL ABOUT THE SITUATION,but give them a break! its really hard to get out on that dance floor every week.trust me ,iknow. P.S.,im still voting 4 S+D.


derek was totally not acting like the pro dancer he was "hired" to be. unprofessional to the max. because of this i would not have him back next yr. he acted like a hot head. he attacked other dancers on the show also, which was again wrong. who ever is in charge of dwts, do not bring him back next year. he is way to risky now. love dwts, mark is the pro all the way, total professional. mark is the best dance instructor on there. its not just by chance that sabrina and now kirsti are in the top of the top. no longer voting for shannon, she is not a professional at all. if they all acted like derek and shannon you would have no viewers at all. derek showed his true colors, and it was not good. this was not what good tv is all about. carol


Shannon acted like a cry baby who can't take criticism. Guess what Shannon? All the dancers get criticized. Get over it! Derek acted like a complete jerk. There was absolutely no reason to insult the other dancers because you didn't get the scores you wanted. Very unprofessional!! I truly hope that Shannon and Derek get voted off the next show. With their terrible attitudes, they don't need to be on the show!


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