Gossip Girl Gossip of the Week: Leighton Meester Forced Nan Zhang Off the Show

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Who knows if they're true or not, but some of the rumors emerging from the Gossip Girl set sure make it sound a lot like high school.

The hit CW series about privileged private scholars has resumed shooting in New York, but one Gossip Girl cast member, Nan Zhang, who played sidekick Kati Farkas, is no longer with the show.

Series creator Josh Schwartz said about two weeks ago that Nan Zhang had enrolled at Brown University during the writers' strike and simply "didn't tell anyone on the show."

But the New York Daily News reports that the real reason for her departure was a long-running feud with Leighton Meester.

"[Nan Zhang] was pushed off the show," says a Gossip Girl spy. "Leighton Meester didn't like her, and she went."

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Was Leighton Meester behind Nan Zhang vanishing from Gossip Girl?

The appearance of a new Asian actress on the set last week suggested that Zhang may have been replaced. But another insider says the Kati Farkas character has been written out altogether.

"Jenny [played by Taylor Momsen] has a new group of random bitchy girls as friends," said the source, explaining why Kati's close pal Isabel (played by Nicole Fiscella) remains in the picture.

Says the show's rep: "I think [Zhang] may have had another opportunity come up, but I know she was big into school. She was really sweet, but she went back to school."

Was there any tension with the Meester-meister?

"Absolutely not true," said Leighton Meester's rep.

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Zhang nan is looking fine thit she have a own mailing adres? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx for Zhang NAN


I'm glad Nan Zhang is off the show. Her presence is irritating to say the least. The way she comes across on-screen is unappealing. Did you see in the Season 1 Bloopers (Pilot Episode)? Nan Zhang couldn't even get one line straight "Serena?? Why is she back?" or something of the sort. Notice that her line was erased completely from the actual Pilot aired??


Why did Leighton Meester kicked out Nan Zhang off Gossip Girl? I like Nan & Leighton but, I want Nan to continue the role in Gossip Girl & how the f**k does Leighton hated Nan?!, they should love each other? And you know, they had a feud/a fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Leighton DOES NOT smoke pot nor is she bitchy. She's one of the sweetest girls ever. People should just stop making up all these stupid lies about her. It's not true. Gossip Girl is just a show. There's already enough gossip on the show as it is without people adding to it off the show. Just because she plays a bitchy character on the show doesn't mean that she's one in real life. People need to realise that newspapers and tabloids would say almost anything about popular actors and actresses. They're totally unreliable. Leighton just doesn't seem the type to smoke anything at all. She's so sweet and beautiful. Stop making up all these stupid and ridiculous lies about her. It's really annoying me because she's such a nice girl and everything. I've seen her at premieres and everything and she seems so nice and down to earth.


Up too today I looked up to leighton meester until I found out she smokes pot and could be bitchy enough to kick a fellow cast mate off set. But I do not know either of them and I would have never guessed nan zhang was a party girl.
All I can say is you can never trust and actor!


omg yes people should stop making Blair, or should i say, Leighton, look like a bitch. I mean come on, the girl has class. Just look at her name. isn't funny the way both she and serena have guy-ish first names?? Go blair. Chuck and blair make SUCH a cute couple, nate does not DESERVE blair.


i went to college with nan...it's easy to see why she'd get into fights with the rest of the cast. though she is sweet, she's borderline fake and absolutely crazy with the partying and is pretty unprofessional. she is smart, but she actually failed out of her first school (tulane university in new orleans)...but didn't stay long enough for grades to be reported! and she was notorious for being randomly naked/sleeping with tons of guys her freshman year.


NO!!! Every single one of these things says oh she
didn't like Blake and she doesn't like Penn so they
avoid her and now this!?!? People need to stop making her
look like such a bitch because she is the most talented
and the prettiest girls on the show!!!


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