Gossip Girl Spoiler: How Eric is Outed

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Thanks to a slip from Kelly Rutherford, we already know which male Gossip Girl character will be revealed as gay in an upcoming episode.

The fact that it's Eric van der Woodsen (Connor Paolo) is not too shocking, given that of all the Gossip Girl characters pictured below, he's the only one without a steamy hookup or romance plot line so far.

Gossip Girl Spoiler: How Eric is Outed

But it's the way Eric is outed that is the true jaw-dropper in all of this, writes Kristin Veitch of E! Online. OMG. For the deets of this juicy Gossip Girl spoiler, you'll have to follow the jump ...

Rumor has it that he will caught making out with Jenny Humphrey's new boyfriend! How's that for another kick in the gut to the girl who, as we've seen, just can't seem to catch a break?!

Interestingly, in the original Gossip Girl book series, it was Dan Humphrey who questioned his sexuality.

The TV series has no plans for any same-sex action for Dan.

Penn Badgley (Dan) said in October:

"I think [Dan] is straight-up gay in the books. But I don't think network TV really has the balls to make one of its [teenage] series regulars gay. Let's say the show builds up to become a big hit, then I think they'd maybe explore it in year three or four."

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of course it's eric. as the begginning of the article said, he hasn't had a steemy hookup. In the books, yes it was Chuck, but they wouldn't have made such a big deal of Chuck being heartbroken over Blair if he was tobe outed.


Wow. Jennys new boyfriend really impressed me. And he really
seemed interested in her in a more-than-friends sort of way.
Maybe Eric puts the moves on him without him reciprocating.
I really like Nate and Vanessa as a couple. I also love the
idea of Blair and Chuck as a couple. Separately, they are
both kind of evil, but I think together they would definitely
be very powerful. I think that Blair could also bring out
the loving side of Chuck, rather than the womanizing side.
I hope that Serena doesn't lose Dan by not telling him the
truth, and I hope Dan doesn't get caught in a trap by Georgina. Well, if Dan and Serena do break up, maybe that will give
their parents a chance to hook up again so that Lily can
lose Chuck's dad, yuck.


i think that it would be horrible if its eric is outed by being caught making out with jenny's new boyfriend because they make a really cute coouple. i also think that dan is thinking of breaking up with serena but in the next episode the secret is out so it wont happen!


haha i thought it would be chuck
hes gay in the books


well all i have to say is that all of next weeks episode is going to be full of it!


Well, I can't wait to see this happen. Drama between Jenny, and Eric will defineely brew!


I called this like two weeks ago


i cant wait to see what will happen..


OMG! i rly hoped jenny would've ogtten a god bf. i think they'll play around w/her and nate!

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