Gossip Girl Spoilers: Serena's Secret

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This isn't a Gossip Girl spoiler in the true sense, as we don't fully know the answer. But we think we are getting closer to figuring out Serena's secret thanks to a new clip and a comment by one of our readers.

Calling attention to the promo clip for next Monday's episode, "All About My Brother," this Gossip Girl fan has an interesting theory as to just what the heck Serena and Georgina did.

Our guess: Nate. Or some other dude. What we're saying is that it looks like a Serena van der Woodsen (gulp) sex tape might exist.

Check out the clip below and see what you think.

Distressed, Serena is watching a video on her laptop, in which there appear to be female and male voices speaking her name, followed by moaning of some kind. Yeah. This looks scandalous ...


There's also the Gossip Girl spoiler about a gay character coming out, though we think we have a pretty good idea how that's going to go.

Please let us know your theories regarding Serena's secret. Follow the jump, too, for another (less juicy) clip from next Monday's episode ...


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Oh Yess and i think georgina made a tape of S , thinking it's going to be a sex tape but then S doesn't want to di it with the gye...
... and ends up giving him some drugs and he has a cesure and georgina recorded it all on a video cam and S didn't know untill georgina showed her it.


... i think eric is the one who's going to be gay!


Ok...does noone actually watch properly?!?! Spoliers for ep17 = the 'tape' / serena killing someone is
recorded after the SHEPARD (not LEM) wedding...which is where
S. got with Nate. She 'felt so bad about it' that she leaves
the wedding party and she has plans to meet up with Georgina
later so she goes straight to her...
If you listen to the tape properly the wedding is the shepard
wedding...no 'Mr. Sparks' thank you very much.
And the spoilers tell you the tape is straight after the wedding...
therefore - Not involving Dan!!! :) x x x


Murder? WTF?
Incase CW are reading this....TONE DOWN THE DRAMA ALREADY!
At this rate...Nothing is going to be left for the second series
I mean, I'm no writer, but I've been wracking my brains for a while now trying to figure out what else they could do to add drama.
Guess what I came up with?


im in england and im watching series 1 every thursday,
so im really excited to see what's gunna happen :)


What I think- that it's not a sex tape. Because S sounds like she doesn't want to have sex on the tape but the man keeps pursuing her and Serena takes deadly action to not get raped...just listen to the beginning of the video clip- it doesn't sound like S is too happy about what it going on and the only way G is part of it is because she recorded it or helped get the guy to stop doing whatever he wanted.


Just to let you know 5/12 - Next week's episode + Serena falls back into her old habits. + Blair, Nate and Chuck must put their complicated feelings for each other aside to help their friend. + Unfortunately, Serena is too ashamed to share the truth with Dan, leaving him only to assume the worst about his girlfriend...which would suggest that she didn't actually sleep with that guy she's seen kissing in the commercial. + Lily goes to Rufus' concert on the night of her wedding rehearsal. + Dan and Georgina kiss. + There'll be flashbacks of what happened the night Serena "murdered" someone. 5/19 - Season Finale + Blair takes matters into her own hands and gets Georgina shipped off to boarding school. + Serena finally tells Dan the truth, but goes out for fresh air during the wedding with a different guy--hopefully, her brother. + Dan and Serena start fighting after Dan gets jealous that Vanessa and Nate are together. + Rufus and Lily meet while she has her wedding dress on. They share a secret kiss before the wedding. + Chuck sees Nate's dad buying coke; Nate punches out his dad at the wedding (above). + A mystery man sends a bouquet of roses to Blair's house. The card says "Sorry. Meet me for Lunch." She thinks it's Nate, but it's really Chuck. + Blair and Chuck are going to Tuscany together, but a security guard came to Chuck and told him something which gets him worried and makes him leave the wedding--maybe the coke incident? Then he sends Blair a text saying that he can't make the flight. Blair gets on the jet with another guy, Ben, who is 21 Chuck and Lydia Hearst, who will play Lily's interior designer, will have "a moment," before the wedding. + Serena and Eric's dad will make an appearance. + The last act of the season finale takes place a week after the rest of the episode, which should give us a little insight into next season's climate.


To all you idiots who think she killed Georgina she couldnt of have because she appears in the next episode and tells Dan that "even since i've met you ive been falling for you" Proof is right here:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v... And I dont think she actually slept with that guy she just told Dan that because
She didnt want him to know the truth


Uh... Georgina is alive, Serena is upset over something in
her past. And I'm pretty certain Serena would look a lot more
freaked out if she had JUST killed G.


more stuff so remember the night when serena had her SAT's but woke up in Georgina's bed not knowing what had happened ? Well supposely she had slept with a guy while she was drugged, and thus, Dan breaks up with her.

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